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Troops donated last week (18.02.13~25.02.13)

Expelled list (troops donated / trophies)
1. HoHo (0 / 1,573) 
2. jun (5 / 1,526) 
3. APeHan (76 / 1,503)  
4. z2H511 (45 / 1,481)
5. AksH the Great (15 / 1,476 ) 
6. lRadinacel (0 / 1,381) 

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구글+내 누구인지 인지하기 싶도록 엑셀을 통해 게임 아이디를 만들어 봤습니다. 사진 다운 받은 신 후 프로필 사진 수정 하시면 됩니다.~
(강제사항은 아니니~ 쓰실 분들만 다운~~ ㅎㅎ.. 필요하신 분은 댓글 남겨 주세요~)
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how to lure the donated troops out and eliminate them.

robbie & megbie

they go on vacation.

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Troops donated last week (18.02.13~25.02.13)

1. Warning List

lunarticjohon(169) msyu(158) US(142) apehan(136) lrediancel(0)

2. Kicking out List

chefaong(75) felipe(25) woon78(20) hanoori(0), hhghu, US

3. Troops donated TOP3 (except Elders & Leader)

teacher1247f (3,048) smithlee (2,986) granero (2,105)

4. Total troops donated TOP1 (inculde Elders & Leader)

ek (3,190)

REV00. (24.02.2013)

Clan's Rule
Rule 1. The initial trophy required to join the clan has increased to 1500. Also, we are opening the membership to "anyone can join" to encourage active participants to join our clan.

Rule 2. Membership requirements: Each member must either maintain a minimum of 1300 trophies and a minimum weekly donation of 200 troops. If the member's trophies drop below 1300, the member must maintain a minimum weekly donation of 400 troops.

Rule 3. Clan members who fail to achieve the minimum trophy and donation requirements will be observed for two weeks, and will be expelled if they fail to restore their trophy or donation count by the end of that week. However, the members who fail to achieve both the minimum trophy (1300) and donation requirements (200) can be expelled in a week.

Rule 4. Excluding the elders, the top three members with the highest troop donations will be rewarded with a level 3 dragon.

Rule 5. Leaders and elders will have the privilege to unilaterally expel with immediate effect those clan members who fail to meet the membership requirements and are deemed not necessary to observe until the end of the second week for expulsion, because these offending members are observed playing in COC but fail to acknowledge and/or respond to the leader or an elder's warnings. These actions can be posted before or after the actual expulsion.

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Troops donated last week (11.02.13~18.02.13)

shin, weon and khaphi were kicked out of the clan. because they were warned twice. However, we have good news.
smithlee, jk and silven will be awarded the prize. [they were in TOP3(=except elders and leader) of donation.] Congratulations~!

Nice to see you guys~
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