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Hello everybody!!
Just wanted to say that the work on Zephyr-N has started!! You won't see the changes in github yet. But ya should be up when everything settles by which i mean our base rom AOSP-OMS done by +Sri Harsha
Heading over to the Zephyr's chat room am glad to see people taking interest in contributing to Zephyr in any way they can, a big thanks to them aswell!
So anyone who is reading this, you are welcomed to contribute to zephyr in anyway you want let it be in pull requests or UI designing, wallpapers, logos, bootanimation whatsoever it is.
I've been thinking that we should come up with a new LOGO for Zephyr-N so anyone who can come up with a cool logo do hit us on Zephyr Chat, would love to see all those beautiful contribution.
Thanks again :)

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does someone has a link of Zephyr-OS 6.0.1 V 4.2 Ghost moto x for download? thanks

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why do not they contribute oreo to addison

I am looking to port the Zephyr-OS on the board Samsung Artik 053. I would be really glad if someone can help me move forward with it or how to go about doing that.

Details on the board can be found here :-

do it fully support Galaxy S5 LTE-A SM-G906S ?

Galaxy S4 i9505?

How can I fix the "Sim card not detected" error? After installing the custom rom that problem showed up. I've tried most of the steps to fix it but nothing works. I've already restored the IMEI, please help

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