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IMGlobal is helping me grow my Solavei business!

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My latest blog - IM Global is good for every business :-)

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Thank you for letting Social Jitney be a part of the community Manny. Hope we can share and explore ideas and opportunities with everyone.

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>>>>>* 4PM EST TODAY!!! *<<<<<


If you thought Tuesday nights' hangout was big,
you have GOT to attend tonight's ad experts hangout.
If you miss it, you will regret it.
What we are about to show you
is going to change
the Ad Experts game for EVERYONE
It does NOT get any bigger than this!!!

REFRESH the page at 4 PM EST
>>> <<<

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Hello Manny & Discover IM Global Community... Just wanted to say thank you, for the invite, and for being part of our awesome Cooperative Community with IMGlobal! I also wanted to share our most recent Saturday IMGlobal Training Hangout for all to enjoy.
Here is the link:

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My Solavei business is growing! Two new sign ups in the last week. Thank you IMGlobal! 

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Watch the replay from IMGlobal's Million Dollar Mentors Hangout. It will only be available for another 1 Day and 21 hours. Countdown is going. Don't miss it!
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