Hi WFMU app makers/testers! Any improvements in the works to the WFMU or other Apps? 

Version 3.0.1 had some troubles whereby some screens wouldn't draw properly in the absence of a working internet connection.

Version 3.0.2 (pushed 2014-04-18) attempts to fix that.

Please help us wring this one out, if you have time.  We need to test the stuff which is supposed to be fixed, but we also need to regression test as much of the other functionality as we can.


FYI, pushing the beta from March 18th into production.  Seems to work nicely, including email and facebook posting, and even that pesky last.fm scrobbling.

Note: The Facebook login sequence is still less than crystal-clear: if you haven't yet logged in to Facebook you need to do so, which leaves you at a screen with just a button to log out of Facebook;  but once you return to the WFMU app having done that, it'll then belch up a canned status update for you whenever you ask.  The way this works is apparently hard to change given the way the component parts work, and I actually don't see very many people wanting to use this functionality anyway...  so I think it's as okay as it's likely to get.  It does actually work.

Just pushed version 3.0.0 into beta.  Don't let the version number confuse you, it's the very latest try as of today (6 March 2014).

This version is trying to deal with issues playing WFMU live video feeds.

An earlier version tried to use a Ustream toolkit, and didn't always behave well.  This version plays in the phone's native browser (which at least in recent Android versions is a flavor of Chrome).

Whoever can test this video functionality on a variety of Android software and hardware would be helping us.  We're trying to figure out whether playing Ustream videos can be integrated in a way which works well enough that our app doesn't seem broken, or if it'd be better to amputate that functionality for the good of the patient.

A few opportunities to test are coming up tomorrow:

Fri 3/7, 10am-noon: Beastin' the Airwaves with Keili
Fri 3/7, 6-7pm: Shut Up Weirdo
Fri 3/7, 9pm-mid: Pseu's Thing with a Hook

Thanks, all!

Hey, +Stuart Taranto - was it you who reported the Facebook login loop?

Is there any chance you can try the current (3.0.2) beta to see if that issue's cured for you?  It is for me.


Version 3.0.2 beta uploaded to the Play Store last night.

The developer's personal account should no longer be hardcoded in for scrobbling, and I'm hoping that I've now shared the right key signature with Facebook to avoid that login loop.

Weekly schedule doesn't have the ability to star as a favorite, or link to archives.


I've just uploaded the next version to try (3.0.1).  It should be wending its through the labyrinthine passageways of Google Play even as we speak.

Notes for this one: I believe that it should be able to deal with being installed directly atop the v2.0 app (the developer tells me it should recognize and convert 2.0 data), but apparently what isn't expected to work (sorry!) is installing this v3.0.1 app directly over the previous (v3.0) beta.  So to load this one if you already have v3.0 installed, I expect you'll have to either uninstall the previous version before installing this one, or delete app data.

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Used to go back to infinity on the site for Glen Jones and X Ray, what I really would love is this awesome app to be able to read all the archives with their archaic real audio files... Impossible?

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