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XD no its Monday!!

If you guys want any undertale or fnaf pics i have some so you guys can have them if u want

guys i wanna make your ocs for any thing because im board oh and im going to give a shout out to bro gram your awesome and winnerflower 101 aj and firefly so ya

FnaF 3 Role-Play, I'm Springtrap

it was thirty years after the fire that engulfed the "new and improved" Freddy Fasbears. A team of newcomers came up with the idea to turn the tragic story into a attraction, without realizing it they unearthed something terrible. They came across a animatronic, little did they know it was alive, the smell of a rotting corpse only made them want it more. You are a new actor playing a Nightguard, looking after the place but the animatronic was already out for revenge. Luckily some spirits were there to help you, help them, defeat this animatronic once and for all
(Open to anyone)

Ashylai tapia can you draw my oc

So i need to say the rules of fnaf club and they will come up i am still thinking

Im doing mlp request ok guys so ask me

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Im doing an rp and its anime so well join if you want this is my person

Name: luna

Age: 16

Crush: ?????

Im saying sorry for my last post because yes i stole art and im going to change my profile pic again im sorry its my falt for stelling art
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