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Comrades, join Nepal in it's fight against Imperialism and Capitalism!

Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) : (

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Long live the #DPRK!

Down with the evil and corrupt ROK, and their #US Puppetmasters!
#Massacre of #Civilians by #Army and #Police Disclosed in #SKorea

(2nd March., Juche 106) [Rodong Sinmun]

"The Jinju Association of Bereaved Families of Civilians #Killed before and after the War in south Korea set about unearthing to probe the #truth behind #mass-killings of civilians by troops of the puppet army and police during the wartime, according to Yonhap News on Feb. 26.

When they were fleeing south, terrified by the attack of the People's Army in July 1950, the south #Korean puppet army and police killed more than 2000 inhabitants including those related to the Association of the Protected between July 22 and 26.

The Jinju Association started the unearthing of remains on Ryongsan Hill in Myongsok-myon, Jinju City of South Kyongsang Province, together with a joint investigation team involving different civic and public organizations in February 2014.

At that time the team discovered remains of 39 people and many bullets and cartridges. The investigation team decided to do unearthing again 20-odd meters away from the site of the first unearthing, according to the testimonies made by residents and bereaved families that remains of 718 people are buried in the three valleys of Ryongsan Hill.

Rodong News Team"

It is absolutely disgusting that this happened, and goes further to prove how #corrupt and #evil the #ROK is!

Long live the #DPRK!

In order to bust the #myths about the DPRK, we must spread knowledge about the #Juche way!

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