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Welcome to the community! Here are the rules for this community, and the map is provided.
Rule 1: This is mostly Dogfighting, destroying outposts, etc. So NO INSTANT KILLING ANYONE YOU CHOOSE, EVEN IN A DOGFIGHT
Rule 2: There are no superpowers in this community, this is based on aerial dogfights and such.
Rule 3: There are only two sides to chose to join: ISAF and the Erusians.
Rule 4: Hentai is allowed, no graphic pics, tho.
Rule 5: When RPing, keep it specific on what it is you are doing in your rp.
Rule 6: Have fun, and good luck Aces.

Picture of Map Provided

I was sitting alone in the rec room, looking through my old diary of the past. I read over the day I almost lost my life in combat, and the note I left in the book in case I didn't make it when you...

(Open RP)

sits alone and sighs and has a hes fun with one bullet keeping a secret and sighs after months of being ignored rejected and just left alone he just about had it and was about to loose it (open rp)

Can I make a soldier instead of a pilot?

sits in my room alone and hasn't came out for days not even for food and I've been doing something in there and every so often you hear electrical shocks

(Open to ISAF members)

The five of us returned from the operation, which was a success. We land our planes in our hangars, then we head into the HQ, for some resting time from being in almost non stop aerial combat the past three days

(Open to ISAF personnel only)

(This is just a status update on my oc if you fidnt rp with me then you wouldn't know what happened or didnt continue)

status update on pilot Vincent hiso

Report: missing...

Traces: none

Plane:*missing with red biological signature in the hangar*

Living courtiers: untouched and unexplained beeping

Anyone who hasn't made a proper profile, do so please.

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Name: Natasha Strasov

Codename: Mobius 1

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Rank: Sergeant

Faction: ISAF

Plane Type: F-22A Raptor

Plane Nickname: Mobius 1

Special Weapon: XMAA Missiles

Appearance: Picture Provided

Bio: Natasha is an up and coming ace in ISAF's Air Force. She looks up to her idol, Captain Hashimoto. She tries to go on missions with the Razgriz Squadron whenever she can, to prove she belongs among those infamous pilots.

Name: Unknown

Codename: Yellow 13

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Rank: Lieutenant Squad Leader

Faction: Federal Erusian Air Force

Plane Type: Su-37 Terminator

Plane Nickname: Yellow 13

Special Weapon: QAAM for Dogfights or LASR for SnD

Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'11"

Bio: Only known as an Ace Pilot in the Erusian Air Force, and the leader of Yellow Squadron, Yellow 13 is a dangerous pilot to get into a dogfight with due to his maneuverability, and his skill as an ace overall.
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