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Equilateral Planck quoins of energy momenta - the quantum source of charged mass-ENERGY-Matter and Force in our Universe.....

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After Effect VFX planet animation and camera animation , Breakdown video.
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A visualisation about 'the wave' or Light:

There is a Tetryonics photon geometry in the video at 1:18, which are identical to Walter Russell his vortex cones of electricity.

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So the ''pilot-wave'' effect this video shows on a 2D surface with droplets, is what Tetryonics describes in a 3D situation with Matter topologies in a sea of 2D mass geometries?

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I ran across this today, and thought it might be of interest to your group as well, perhaps. You've probably seen it already, but in case not, here it is.

How was the convention in NM?

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hello guys!! Are crazy About chemistry?? Rate this shirt. I want to buy this. 

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Somehow this reminded me of your work here... I thought you might find it of interest.
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