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What should Space Engineers include?

Star Wars Episode 8: The Darth Menace (Fan Fiction.)
                        WARNING, SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 7.

 A standard first order shuttle zooms across space. The shuttle lands on a landing platform covered in a dark black fog. The shuttle door drops and smoke pores out with Kylo Ren stepping down with a jar in hand. There, he walks up to a hologram of 'snoke' (snoke, snook?.......the large hologram person from the movie) and states in a displeased loud voice, "why did you make me go to endor for ashes from a fire?" 'snoke' replies "For an advantage against skywalker and his foolish apprentice, rey." kylo snaps back "but why ashes?" "to continue your training in the dark side." Snoke raises his arms at kylo, the black fog flows from his hands to the jar kylo is holding. The jar begins to float when kylo takes a step back, the lid opens and the ashes begins to fly out. The jar falls and collapses on the ground, the ashes begin forming in the air slowly. On the shuttle, vaders helmet falls into ashes and begins to flow outside and mixes with the rest of them. there, the ashes start to form on the ground, they form boots, legs, body, arms, and a head. Darth Vader, in a perfect suit unlike the time of his death, stands facing kylo. Vader lifts his arms and removes his helmet, a face unfamiliar to both kylo and vader is revealed. Vader drops his helmet, and rips off his suit, revealing his robotic limbs that take up most of his body. He rips of his left arm off and the ashes form a organic arm, he then does the same to his arms and legs, the ashes begin to form black clothing and a cape (much like his suit just without the life support systems.) Vader finally forces his helmet to his hands and puts it back on. Vader realizes without the emperor he can finally rule the galaxy without being able to be killed. kylo is shocked and stunned by the thought of vader in front of him. Vader realizes his grand son is scared of not being as strong as him, vader says to kylo, " I will teach you." 
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Now lets get to talking about why your here, Conspiracy. June 10th 2016, I will be adding a lot of updates talking about Conspiracy. I will be adding small updates till that point, because of school being in the way. please start topics in the comments till I start talking about Conspiracy some time next week. -Peace Out 

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