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Name: Death

Gender: male

Age: 19

Personality: kind and carefree loner who doesn't know how to interact with other people.

Dragon: wyvern named Snowstrider

Weapons: Any type of sword prefers sword and shield combination but can duel wield two short swords.

Family: unknown

Like: Dragons, noodles and swords

Dislikes: bullies, vegetables and warm climates

Bio: Since he was young he had no memory of a time where he wasn't with Snowstrider after he awoke in the snow covered mountains in the far north. Since then he's trained vigorously with the swords and shields he found scattered across the range from warriors who failed to make it off the mountain. Snowstrider was about the same age as him in dragon years when he found the young Death buried in the snow after digging him out they soon became friends. Soon they started wondering who and where Death came from, they found themselves taking to the skies trying to find who he was before the mountains he now calls home.
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