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Name: Death

Gender: male

Age: 19

Personality: kind and carefree loner who doesn't know how to interact with other people.

Dragon: wyvern named Snowstrider

Weapons: Any type of sword prefers sword and shield combination but can duel wield two short swords.

Family: unknown

Like: Dragons, noodles and swords

Dislikes: bullies, vegetables and warm climates

Bio: Since he was young he had no memory of a time where he wasn't with Snowstrider after he awoke in the snow covered mountains in the far north. Since then he's trained vigorously with the swords and shields he found scattered across the range from warriors who failed to make it off the mountain. Snowstrider was about the same age as him in dragon years when he found the young Death buried in the snow after digging him out they soon became friends. Soon they started wondering who and where Death came from, they found themselves taking to the skies trying to find who he was before the mountains he now calls home.
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If you want to know where i get my art from just ask if you want to know
Name: Erza

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Brave and strong

Dragon: Igneel

Weapons: And flaming sword that she has mastered

Family: None

Likes: Her sword her dragon her territory and the fire he makes (Its blue fire the hottest fire we know in are world)

Dislikes: Being beaten and people invading her territory

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My computer shut off so i had to redo this
Name: Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Careless

Dragon: Sea Stalker (The dragons a girl)

Weapons: Bow and arrow and a Katana

Family: Unknown

Likes: Exploring

Dislikes: Being stopped

When he was little he was exploring on his parents boat over the sea when a storm hit the boat and when he went onto the deck a he saw the giant beast and the last thing he remembered was seeing it lower its giant claw down onto the ship... When he woke up he saw he was on the Beach of an island he got up and saw the Giant beast in the distant it was circling the island his survival instinct kicked in and for the next year he made his own boat he traveled a couple 1,000 feet away from the island when he was the beast again it broke up from the bottom of the boat and instantly the boat was destroyed he held on to the beast and it dived back under the water he continued to hold on the beast ask "Are you worthy to be my master?" He looked at the beast and answered "Yes" and from this day they haunt the sea together
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