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The News Letter for April 12th, 2018 is out :

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We have a new promotion for TJLS Members coming soon. What could it be?

Hi Everyone,

Just a few quick Weather and traffic updates.

Saturday is expected to be rainy all day with temperatures around 6 to 8 degrees during school hours. Please dress appropriately and we recommend bringing rain gear.

The King Street Pilot Project started this past weekend and there is no through traffic onto King Street during daylight hours for non TTC vehicles. Please expect extra traffic if you are driving in areas around King Street between Bathurst and Jarvis as side roads are expected to take on additional traffic. For more details please see:
Pilot site -
Video -

No other TTC outages are expected on the 18th, but we recommend checking out TTC alerts in the morning -

For those driving please check the Road Restrictions Map.

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2017年11月04日 - Housekeeping list

Hi Everyone!

This week we have our bake sale. Anyone bringing baked goods and other treats please bring your items to the Gym prior to the start of class at 09:30 AM. If you have a label please bring it with you filled out; otherwise we should have some blank labels available for you when you drop off.

For those wishing to partake, please bring cash and coin. Teachers will be bringing classes down in a prearranged order.
Pro Tip: Having a tupperware container, serviettes, and your own cutlery often makes the life of the purchaser easier and you can eat all your goodies during class.

Weather : Tomorrow is expected to be dry but overcast with a high of 7. Please dress accordingly. Note: the school’s boiler system is old and seemingly has two settings, off and jungle. You may wish to dress in easy to remove layers.

TTC : Saturday, November 4 only, TTC signal work will impact service on Line 1 Yonge-University between St George and Sheppard West stations.

For those driving please check the Road Restrictions Map.

Also a reminder that parking or stopping on school is by Toronto District School Board (TDSB) permit only. Any car not displaying such a permit can be towed by the TDSB without notification to the owner or to the Toronto Japanese Language School. Further driving on the astroturf is not permitted and could result in penalties to the school.

If you wish to park in the area, we recommend parking at 40 Murray Street where you can have a 6 dollar flat rate for all day:

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Hi Everyone,

I want to thank all those members who were able to participate in the AGM last week. This is an important function for a non-profit like our school and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

For those who use TTC Line 1 to come in, a gentle reminder that will be no service between Lawrence and St Clai, so please plan accordingly:

Closure St Clair to Lawrence

For those driving please check the Road Restrictions Map.

We are also expecting a wet Saturday so please remember your umbrellas!

See you Saturday and have a spoooooky Halloween everyone!

- Kris Szabo

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick follow on the AGM announcement made prior. It is important that as many people attend as possible. All students, teachers, parents, and any member of our school community areconsidered an organization member. We will ask people to sign in at the AGM to confirm attendance. We have published some information and forms at the following site :

If you cannot attend please fill out a proxy form and assign your vote to someone you trust and make sure they are aware. We will be collecting proxy forms at the beginning of the AGM and you can leave them at the staff office prior as well.

Further, we are also always seeking new board members and volunteers to help with the activities of the school. If you are interested in becoming a board member please review the description of the board and fill out a nomination form. If you are interested in volunteering in either the Special Events or Communications Committees, please let us know!

Thanks and have a great week!


Notice​ ​of​ ​Annual​ ​General​ ​Meeting​ ​-​ ​Saturday,​ ​October​ ​21,​ ​2017

Members of the Toronto Japanese Language School community that are over the age of 18 are requested to attend the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Gymnasium on the Orde St Junior Public School, 18 Orde St, Toronto, ON M5T 1N7. Please find below a link to a memorandum with full details of the notices, as well as proxy voting form.

2017 Registration

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great long weekend. School starts soon and we are all very excited about the new school year. I just want to make sure everyone remembers that registration day is this coming Saturday, Sept 9th. We are seeking volunteers to help with the direction of people unfamiliar with the process. If you wish to help please come to the gym early (9 am) and report to the Registrar or Principal.

If you haven’t registered yet please remember to go to the registration website [ ] and print out the appropriate form. Please fill it out and bring it with you on registration day.

Registration will be in the gym, which is located at the bottom floor of the school. Take either the west or east staircase to the lowest level and follow the corridor to the center of the building. Access is via the boys locker room. Registration starts at 09:30 and we'd like to get everyone in by 11 o'clock in order to finish on time. We are aiming for doors closing at 11 so please plan accordingly.

Here are some notes regarding Saturday that could be helpful.

Tuition :
For members that have preregistered the balance of your tuition is :

Adults: $550
Students (13 to 16 yrs): $450
Children (12 yrs and under as of Dec 31 of this year): $350

For members who have not yet registers

Adults: $660
Students (13 to 16 yrs): $550
Children (12 yrs and under as of Dec 31 of this year): $440

Please note that many of the children's classes are full and the registrar may add you to list to contact should a spot become available.

Tuition above does not include books which are usually $60 and depend on which class you are taking.

Payments can be made with credit card, cash, or cheque. Credit card is our preferred method as it speed up processing considerably. Cheques should be made payable to << The Toronto Japanese Language School >>. Paper receipts are by request only. Full information regarding processing can be found at the bottom of the registration page on our site at: .

We advise students seeking placement interviews to proceed to the interviews before attempting to pay for tuition as placement information is included on the paper work. Please refer to signs and volunteers for directions.

Books are in addition to Tuition but can be paid at the same time. You may wish to check with table supplying books first before proceeding to settle your tuition to make the process quicker.


Further housekeeping for the remainder of the year.

Calendar :
Events and normal school days are publicly available on the school calendar at : . By clicking on the blue + sign you can add this calendar to your own google account to always have the latest information.
Link also available in ical format for outlook and OSX systems :

We highly encourage you to make use of the calendar and as this is the easiest and fastest way to update changes to our calendar. Paper calendar's provided at the beginning of classes are for reference only and can fall out of date quickly.

Stay up to date:

I encourage everyone to join our mailing list at :!forum/community
This will serve for updates, house keeping reminders and announcements from the board and principal.

Also please follow us on your social media locations:

Facebook Page



G+ page

Facebook Groups

G+ Group

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We are just a little over a month away from registration. If you have early registration deposit paid we do recommend coming in on Registration day to deal with your balance payment. Usually we find that 10 AM is a bit slow so it might be a good time to accommodate early registration paperwork.

Please note that for children's classes we are currently full. Please see the registration page for information on waitlists.

Further information on Registration dates, fees, and payments can be viewed on the registration page at [ ] which is kept up to date with the latest information

Registration is on Sept 9th. We understand that its still a few weeks away and it might be hard to remember. Please note that it is available on the school calendar [ ] which can be added to your outlook or google calendar.

Further we will be updating info and reminding people on our mailing list and social media sites:

Facebook Page



Google Plus

Facebook Groups

Google Plus Community

Or Join the mailing list!forum/community

Good evening everyone,

Just a quick (late) reminder that there is no school tomorrow in observance of the Victoria Day Holiday!

Also, Tomorrow Night several members of the school community will be going to and performing at Kozmic Nite Vol 2! Please join us!

Still hoping to get some more volunteers for Anime North Next Weekend!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!
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