Name: Shizukana Sairentoookami.

Nickname: Shade, Shadow, Dragon, Shade Dragon, Shadow Dragon, and Lizard breath (a name given by convenient bullies).

Gender: male.

Age: 16.

Height: 4'11.

Weight: 127.84 lbs

Physique: fit.

Crush: Mizore (but doesn't hump a cardboard cutout like those 3 wierdos).

Personality (human form): somewhat greedy, scaredy cat, nervous, shy, quiet, talkative if you warm up to him, and tries to look for the best in any situation.

Personality (monster form): overly confident, greedy, brave, is still talkative when you warm up to him, and still tries to look for the best in any situation.

The reason why he has two different personalities (one for each form) is because when he is in human form, he feels very vulnerable without his tallness, "buffness," and scales, so he acts like someone that's going through a horror movie experience.

Monster species: Man- Shadow Dragon hybrid.

Human form: an African American with a dyed red strip of hair going down the middle like a Mohawk,
gold-brown eyes, a black-blue forked tongue, and a tattoo of dragon wings on his back.

Monster form: A 17'9" foot tall dragon that stands up on its hind legs that has black scales and a red stripe of scales running from his head to the end of his tail, has hooked claws, a blade on the end of his tail, his wings are tipped with spikes, and his eyes are like Smaug's (from The Hobbit).

Abilities (monster form): has the ability to shoot a high concentration of shadow breath for up to 1 min. 30 sec., his flaws can grow a coating of shadow power, and can use his wings to fly.

Abilities (human form): can use shadow power (to an extent), grow claws, and spit out ink rather than shadow beams.
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