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"Happy Easter everyone! An interesting activity""story Solitaire"",Welcome to create story about the rabbit “QICENT” with your friends together. Join the GAME by click
Request: Share the post in anywhere tagQicent, begin the story by a word and invite your friends to continue your story by commenting with 3-7 words
Winning rules
1. The team that write this story by over 10 people, the POSTER (the first to write) will gain 2 Rewards, and others gain 1 Reward
2. The team that write this story attached the “q,i,c,e,n,t” 6 letters in order in 6 sentences. The 6 member get a additional reward
The Reward 99% off code (freedom of choice):
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we will check the results of the team who's member post thier words and @Qicent, then we will provide prizes on April 17, 2017. "

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This is my Solitaire Board game.
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