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Be Ready to Send your Kids to A Camp Week
#Kids #Camp #Holidays #Fun #summercamp #Clothinglabels #namelabels #nametags
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Learning so much about Google can sometimes feel like drinking through a fire hose or high-powered sprinkler. Let's take a moment to debrief. 

1. Share with your neighbor about something you've learned that you're excited to bring back to your school/classroom.

2. Post what your partner said by commenting below. Include them in the post by putting a + in front of their name.

3. Click on +1 or Reply to another person's comment to share in the excitement!

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Here's a link to our Digital Handout.

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You can get the apps and extensions Jim is showing on the Chrome Web Store

Here's  direct links to the apps and extensions that Jim showed today. 

Read and Write

iSpeak Select and Speak

Dictation Voice Recognition

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I mentioned Hyperdocs yesterday in my advanced Google Docs session. Here's a great resource that explains them and gives some good examples...

Thanks for getting Googley with us today! What was your most favorite thing you learned today?

Good Morning. I am teaching Early Childhood Careers and Education at the VBTC and love my job. My glass is always overflowing.  Summer is almost over :(

I am Kari.  I teach students with cognitive impairments.  I love teaching and I love my job.  This is my 6th year in the district but have been teaching for 10 years.

I liked being able to save doc to my drive so they can be accessed by staff regardless of device or location.
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