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hey guys wecome to the wastlands rules will be displayed bellow any questons plz post to the questons/info conplants plz contact any of the owners/mods profile templates are bellow the rules


1. no bullys...
bullys are an instant ban if its apart of the rp that fine

2. dont rp without a profile
you must have a profile to rp templates are bellow rules

3. no porn or hentai pics
no pics just say whats happening

4. no spam
i hate spam

5. no trolls
unless its in the rp

6. profiles must be approved
an owner/mod has to approve it b4 you rp

7. have fun
whats the point if your not 


template for profile...

nickname: (optional)
powers: (wastlanders get 2, survivors get none)
race: (wastlander or human)
dislikes: (optional)


Wastlanders aren't humans they just look like them
Survivors cant live above ground there can be a base up above tho 

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my god.. the institute is taking over..

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character customization in irl
Animated Photo

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Running away from a Super mutant suicider while firing at him
Me: Damnit! Die already!
Super Mutant Suicider: Human Weak! Human Run! Human Go BOOM!!! HAHAHA 
I run around the corner to reload and hide then charge at super mutant FOR THE BROTHERHOOD!!! Mutant Turns around and hits me and i go flying away then hit the ground Me: thank god of this power armo- Oww! Blood Drips down my arm Me: I need.... some help...

All that are awere ghost os trying to turn everyone agenst me and mear-kat lynn what ever u do do not fall for her story i jave srceen shots to prove that she started this fight. And nerely drove me into killing myself but what ever happens dont beileve her i beg u all

I'm leaving g+ till thing set a bit if u have questions or want ur porfile aproved i'm leaving a +Admin Five7Too​too in charge have shit to tell me tell him good bye for now

Need more mods comment if u wish to be one and i'll ask a few questions

Anyone want to rp?

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name: Mark
nickname: Ghost Eye
age: 25
gender: Male
weapon: Bow and arrow; silenced Desert Eagle
powers: None
skills: Excellent Archer, can move around without making noise, can sprint for a long amount of time
race: Human
likes: Hardy anything
dislikes: Almost Everything
bio: Mark hardly knew his parents because they abandoned him when he was 4 years old, he has been attacked by a lot of survivors and very few wastlanders. He began training with a bow and arrow when he was only 10 years of age, and he has been a lonely, wandering survivor ever since he was 14.
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