flys around cloud in a circle

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Ive done some pictures with my frinds but here is my sign up:

Name:Scootaloo or call me just Scoot

Age:10 well im going to do 10 my real age is 9,7

Gender:Mare ( Female ) Filly


Family: +Firefly Ramirez ( mom ), +Rainbow dash ( sister ),+Prince Rainbow Fire( brother ),+Spectrum Streak ( dad )

Like:Flying, Being cool, RD...

Talent:Can fly very fast and do a triple rainboom

Cutie mark:One of my scooter wheels, a lightingbolt under it and two wings with color of my mane and tail

Dislike:Being ignored,laughing at me...

Frinds:Apple bloom, Dinky hooves, Sweetie belle, Button mash, Rumble and Babs seed

Biggest dream:Become a Wonderbolt

Bio:Im Scootaloo a young pegasus with lighting orange color and magenta mane and tail my eyes are purple im super cool im Rainbow Dash's younger sister and her biggest number one fan im very fast i have frinds their names are: Apple bloom, Dinky hooves, Sweetie belle, Rumble, Button mash and Babs seed i can fly very fast and do a triple rainboom
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Name: Firefly
Age: 35
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Name: Thora Lightning
Species: Pegasus
Bio: RD's Secret Sis! Loves to go into races!
Ambition: To grow up to be like her sis RD! 
Cutie Mark: Like RD's cutie mark but with black cloud and lightning instead of rainbow.

golden winds falls out of the skies unconscious and beaten up

(Ask to join please

If ya want i can share this community:3

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Name: Discorded Whooves
Gender: Male
Race: Timelord
Pony Race:Pegasus
Bio: Hello there I'm The Doctor. I've been running all of my lives from death and destruction in the universe. I escaped my home world Gallifrey during The Last Great Time War with my granddaughter Susan but now she's gone as well as Sarah Jane Smith,Rose Tyler,Martha Jones,Donna Noble,Amelia Pond,her husband Rory Pond or Rory Williams and now I dropped off my companion Clara Owsin Oswald back on Earth. I've have crashed landed here.

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Name: Spitfire
Age: 22
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Talent: Flying
Job/Occupation: Wonderbolt

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I'm gonna sign up again because I have things to add :)
Name: Cloud Chaser
Age: 17
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Husband: +Thunderlane
Sister: +Princess Cadence
Daughters: +Thunder Cloud and +Lightnïng Stär

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Sign up for the Wonderbolt academy XD
forgot to tell u guys, G.C.Cane is fasta' than dashie! ANY DAY!
Name: Green Candy Cane
Gender: male ( if oc, female )
Race: Pegasus ( duh XD )
Age: 15
Skill: Celebrating Christmas all year, flying fast, drawing, animating
Bio: Awesome swagga' pony! Friendly, artistic, rivalry on RD
SSP: +Sarah Forsberg
Likes: all happy things, art, drawing, animation, Candy Canes, the color Green, flying etc.
Dislikes: clopping, r34, Spitfire ( eh don't ask )
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