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Parfait story- miyabi

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The coindrop game us just how you play a regular coindrop game. Here you have special powers to earn:

Macaroon: Macaroon wall

Donut: Pound donut

A fruitcake?: Long push

Wine bottle: Fever

Heart jack in the box: Love action

Chocolate in a form of a coin: 10 coins

Tart: tart roulette

Present (cube): Special story

Present (rectangular prism): Special image

Present (heart shaped): Cafe guy

The cake on top depends on the number of coins you drop in front of you. It does not count if coins or powers fall in the sides. If you complete the cake with toppings, it will drop coins for you

Hope you enjoy playing the coindrop game~

Espresso stories are stimulating and mature. Just a mature date with your guy~

Cocoa stories is a lazy day at home with your guy. All you do is relax~

Shortcake stories are just first date jitters. You just go on a first date with your guy~

Here in coindrop images, you show the images you won on the coindrop game

Show a guy in your menu screen. Interact with him and see how he reacts~

Parfait stories are fluffy pillow talk. Although it won't give details, you can pretty much know that you and your guy had a "good time" in bed~
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