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As some of you might already have noticed, all the posts from the community have been deleted. We are so sorry! While renaming the community all the posts got deleted. We didn't know this would happen. BUT, we can easily overcome this by repopulating the posts, so let us all contribute and make this community full again!

Here are the community guideline again:


° You'll either be warned, suspended or PERMANENTLY BANNED depending on how many times you do it.

° Please don't spam this community. Tag the Mods if you see any.

💡 In fact help out and contribute in making this a safe and fun community devoid of any Spam!

✒︎ No Spam [You can only post once every 5 minutes].

✒︎ No Advertising other G+ communities/collections regardless wether they're related or not.

✒ Don't Spread "Fake News" about the anime.

✒ No Links. [Unless Tokyo Ghoul related]

✒ Don't steal other people's art. Give credit to the artist if you can.

✒ No posting/re-sharing content into the community that has already been posted by another member the same day.

✒ No hentai or sexual content. [This may include yaoi, yuri or straight ships depicted in a sexual manner via fanart or fan fiction and the unnecessary sexualization of any character.]

° Exceptions will be made for canon material. :^)

✒︎ Resharing within the community is a violation of the rules.

° We will kick you out if you don't follow these rules.

° We'll remove bait posts/polls, links, spam, and advertisements with one warning.

PS. Please contact a Mod in case any doubt.

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