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Name: Ash "Ragdoll" Trancy
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: undetermined
Magic: Teleportation, telepathy
Likes: Music, books, anime, drawing
Dislikes: bullies, that's about it
Personality: Can have a sick sense of humor, quirky, sad, gets pissed off easily
Bio: Transfered here from Blackrose Academy, although she still visits now and then, her grade in yet to be determined and she has two sisters.
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Name: Lanjargo Zanthax
Gender: Male
Grade: 12
Magic: time control, invisibility, skin stronger than steel (constant power).
Likes: anime, video games, murder, +Olliver Is Alive e <3
Dislikes: that moment when you have to poop but you can't because constipation.
Personality: typically happy, but piss him off and things can get dark very quickly.
Bio: born out of a magical abnormality. May have powers beyond those listed, he is still discovering new ones. Tends to have low grades in school due to the fact that he sees it unnecessary for a being as powerful, and probably important, as he is to waste his time learning anything that bores him. He acts quite silly most of the time, but those that have angered him have been know to disappear from existence without leaving even a speck of dust out of place. He is also a skilled swordsman, and is deadly even without his magical abilities.
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