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Superman is a way of saying "what if God came to earth" basically when Superman is in a battle it's not being him going to die it's about him making the right decision

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Spider-man is the Core of Marvel he's a Relatable Person give him problems related to other people make people say "I've went through that" The Problems if him being a hero gives more spice to the food it's pure gold use it and have the artists do great background proportions for spideys Web slinging and fights

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awesome im a moderator !!!!! thank chu!!!

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hey guys should i get this? (put yes or no in comments and if you could tell me why or why not)
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The Daredevil Should be wrote
Daredevil is a blind kung fu crime fighter the writer should focus on doing Feats and having dark villans for daredevil like kingpin,gladiator,absorbing man,etc.But most of all is fight scenes the writers can get creative and come up with some crazy stunts for daredevil

can i post comic related stuff?
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