Hello everyone, i have question about segments. I want to analyse the specific results on a search campaign I have set up for a client. I figured that going for the medium CPC wasn't good because it takes all the campaigns in Google AdWords. I tried to go for the campaign name. But it doesn't show up in Google Analytics. They are however linked, I am certain of that.

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#Network-Analytics Market 2017 - Current and Future Plans 2022

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The network analytics market is showing rapid growth in the near future. The demand for advanced analytical tools and analytics applications is increasing rapidly due to the massive challenge of analyzing the huge amount of network data structure in real time. Network analytics provides solutions like network intelligence solutions and managed and professional services. The ability to plan and manage network capacity is the main priority of communication service providers which is one of the main factors driving the network analytics market.

Network analytics technology performs advanced traffic forecasting that consists of data load forecasting, device performance, and application performance and user behavior. The optimization of networks using network analytics helps in retaining customers by providing a better experience. The study indicates that, to overcome the threat of misuse of critical data organizations are increasingly adopting network analytic solutions to analyze problems in the network. Network analytics also helps the user to get a secure access to confidential information.

The global network analytics market is expected to grow at USD ~3.1 Billion by 2022, at ~22% of CAGR between 2016 and 2022.

Key players
The prominent players in the Network Analytics market are Accenture PLC (Ireland), Juniper Networks (U.S.), Alcatel-Lucent S.A. (France), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (U.S.), Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.), HP (U.S.), Bradford Networks, Inc. (U.S.), Ascom Holdings AG (Switzerland), Allot Communication (Israel), Sandvine Inc. (Canada), Tibco Software (U.S.) among others

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recordando los 80, s

Hi Guys,

I got a problem.

I've already implemented an event to track a contact form when it's submitted. Till now everything it's okay meaning that the tag is triggering and send a hit when someone completes the contact form, but the problem is that the hit is sent when someone clicks the submit form button without completing all the required fields and the request is not definitely sent.
Somebody else has come up with this problem?
There is a solution for that?

One of my clients are not using UTMs on their emails so I tried setting up some OR rules to the default email channel grouping. I applied:
Landing page url containing gbi= as all links contains this from emails
Referral containing the webpage version domain of the emails.
still I am seeing emails come in as direct and web page versions of the email coming in as referrals!!

What am I missing?

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Buenas tardes grupos, tengo una duda con Analytics Vs URL Shorter de Google, voy ver las estadísticas de cada una, en Analytics me muestra que en el día de hoy ha ingresado 8 personas, mientras en que en Shorter me dice que son 186 personas que han ingresado a la página, no sé si se encuentra mal configurado o qué será?
Gracias por su respuesta y feliz día.

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Many tech giants looking to stay ahead of the AI curve are creating different kinds of platforms to boost AI tech and the startups that create them. In comes Microsoft Brainwave.
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