I like to see Actual Play reports, so here's one.

We played using the Bastionland Playtest Pack 1 with three of my regular players, two of which had tried vanilla ItO in the past.

Being recently brought back to life by the Associated Reanimators, Lobscouse the Under-whaler, Hopkin the Gutter Wretch and Lampree the Unlicensed Amputator found themselves on a train to the Brokenborough, using tickets offered by their mysterious benefactor, identified only by a mysterious sign (the Traxian & Shift Corporate logo from Oddfield Survival Guide, which operates in most of my OSR settings, and found their rival, Vegal the Star Cultist, whom I basically ran as the rival in the first pokemon series, mocking them and taunting them about the meteor before leaving through the Promenade.

After talking with a dapper gentleman "simply mascarading as a homeless person to escape taxes" at the railway station, the group decided to head west towards the Lifter.

There, they bought hot dogs from another hobo and spent some time chatting with the Donkeyknights. The under-whaler was very attached to his way of life but had the wisdom not to bring it up while talking with animals' rights defenders and Hopkin, having recently rescued a pigeon which he started carrying around, made his case and got himself a telepath mule.

Coming back from the hangars below the Lifter, they noticed the hot dog vendor had been butchered by Mr. Dickinson and his associate, a huge butcher with a box in place of a head, debt collectors for the AR, whom they promptly hid from.

They then found the Ceremony Hall and fought an uplifted crocodile that was running around like a pinguin, asking people about very serious matters such as the current state of the economy or the importance of quality masonry in modern architectural design.

The fight attracted two people : Vegal, on the left, very happy of himself for taking away ALL THE MUSKETS from the team and reminding them of their incompetence, and the strange medic woman, very enthusiastic at the idea of potentially getting to dissect the grievely injured Lobscouse, who declined and shared his master plan with the rest of the team : he had had enough of Vegal and his goons, and decided that the party would take a short break, follow their rival's team and get the drop on them!

In practice, they got caught in a narrow street close to the Promenade, some goons fired a warning shot that caught Hopkin in the shoulder and from that, things got ugly. Fortunately, Vegal had to flee after seeing all his men die at the ends of our "heroes", and they then decided to go and rest now that their main rival was disabled and wouldn't steal more stuff from them like some igniominous thief.

So they spent the night at the doc's, saw some trippy stuff while on drugs, and got a few stitches, patches and metal bits in them.

On the next day, they carefully avoided the dogsbridges and lost a lot of time but found the Red Palace and killed a few shard-things, deciding that they should disguise themselves as shard-men by emptying their insides and plan to infiltrate the living castle, steal the meteor and somehow find their way back.

3 PCs, one henchman who was used to test whether or not the tram station line was still electrified (it was, he died) that is, Lobscouse threw him on the line, literally, no death, no scar, they killed many things and talked to funny creatures.

The procedures of play were helpful, and reminded me a lot of Apocalypse World's guidance on how to run a game. The adventure is well written as always and super easy to internalize/run with minimal prep. I like CHA as a stat more than WIL, and it was used to avoid a negative reaction from the Donkeyknights. Other than that and the fights, we didn't really need any of the system, but it ran as tight as usual despite the changes.

Next session, they wrap up the Red Palace thing, then get stolen by a UFO and droped into a new D&D setting I'm trying to think up, using slightly-interpretated 1974 rules.

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How do you guys make sure combat runs smoothly? I've taken to scribbling down the Strength and HP of combatants beforehand and then marking off the descending totals beneath them. But I always feel like there's some handy trick I'm missing.

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BASTIONLAND is going to roll out a few rules tweaks to Into the Odd, and they need testing beyond my table.

Reply to this message if you'd be interested in taking the rules to your table/roll20, running a game, and feeding back to me.

I'd send you the rules, an adventure, and some pregens to use.

Who's in? 

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Hey! You know what's cool...? Ice cubes!

Know what else is cool? How about Death is the New Pink PDF being released for sale?! POD coming soon!

This bizarre, crazed, post-apocalyptic setting uses the fun Into the Odd rules by Chris McDowall and is inspired by Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, the Fallout and Borderlands video game series, and Mad Max.

Players take on the roles of Meat Bags that wander the packed and filthy streets of Scratchtown, or buzz through the wasteland on souped-up hot rods. Their goal: to find Doodads, obtain materials for trade, or to cause mayhem, death and destruction just for the sake of it. Meat Bags feel they’ve seen and done it all, so the prospect of death is one of the only exciting “unknown” things left in the world. Death is the New Pink is brutal, bloody, and chaotic. Things should be kept fast-paced and it’s more than fine if it doesn’t make sense! Character death is fairly common and should be embraced; a particularly blood death should be applauded and celebrated!

Doodads, mutants, bullets, dead bodies, and some booze and pizza are all in a day’s adventure in the Wasted World.

Strap on your ass-kicking boots and grab your big guns, Meat Bag!

It’s time to get your killin’ (or dyin’) on!

Burn rubber and enjoy spreading chaos in the Wasted Worldin this scrappy RPG!


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Some more Death is the New Pink goodness! All the art is done and ready to go (sans a few possible coloration/background fixes that I'll hit tonight)!

Here is the level page for it!

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Bloody Romp Through the Catacombs map for Death is the New Pink, now pinkified!

Book coming SOOOOOON!

Does anyone know of any online games running Into the Odd and needs an extra player?

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So, I was reading through my physical copy at work this weekend when I should have been off and a realization hit me like a ton of bricks...

This game has a sick genius of awesomeness to that is f@#$&+& amazing. I mean - always thought the game was great but the auto hit part didn't sit well with me and I have been brainstorming ideas for house rules.

But this weekend - I read a little line in the book that I missed in the pdf - about hp being more then health. It's a combination of health and ones ability to avoid damage - like dodging and all of that.

Now for my personal taste I will probably adjust damage and maybe hp ratio but that's just me.

Seriously though - this weekend - Into the Odd rocked my world! 

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I am alive. I've been out of commission due to illness and our campaign pseudo-ended after we had trouble getting together a few weeks in a row. I've mostly been messing around with Tabletop Simulator making dumb board games and stuff. Into the Odd lazy cha...
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