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Learn #Putonghua#World Day to Combat Desertification世界防治荒漠化和干旱日 (Shìjiè fángzhì huāngmòhuà hé gānhàn rì) –

Hello, I'm an intermediate-advanced in Chinese. Would anyone be interested in starting a Kik chat with me, discussing about any topic that would suit you (manga, comics, world news, ethics, anything)? I'm also planning on starting to write a periodic journal in Chinese, and it'd be helpful to have a proofreader here and there
         If you're not fluent, but have experience, or maybe just a beginner, that's fine too. We could all practice :)

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“裸婚(luǒhūn)”-Getting Married Without A Wedding   #Mandarin   #Chinese  
If one day, one of your friends tells you that he or she is going to "裸婚(luǒhūn),” don’t be tricked by the phrase’s literal meaning of “naked wedding.” There’s no need to worry if you don’t know what the term actually means, because today we are going to cover all the interesting uses of “裸(luǒ).” Afterwards, there will be no confusion when you hear it in the future.

“裸(luǒ)” is an adjective that means exposed and uncovered. However, over time the word “裸(luǒ)” has taken on some new meanings when used in conjunction with other certain words.

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TAALK, 免费练习汉语的线上平台,大家可以一起!



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Hi, everyone, my new video here for your practice of Chinese listening.
Listen more on my channel:   The script was posted in "About" for convenient use. Thank you for your attention and nice weekend to you all!

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I recently learned that in some cases, third tone words in mandarin are pronounced differently (I also know that 不 is the same way). Though I never used the rules for third tone, people understand what I'm saying. Can someone give me the rules for third tone and tell me your opinion on the matter?

Pizza roll 汉语怎么说?

Hi, everybody. I'm a colloge in Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.
If you have any questions about Chinese, you can ask me.
Although my English is not 100% satisfying now, I'm doing my best on it.
And I can understand Cantonese. 
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