It's been a long time since Reyla has past but I still have thoughts almost everyday. She was the only thing that held us and everything together but now most of it has fell apart. Very inactive communities and very inactive people in general including me. There was no one else like Reyla, I wish she could come back. I wish there could be someone else like Reyla, it would not be a replacement. Why did she have to go and not me? R.I.P. Reyla ❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘⚘

Guys, I need help plz........ I'm falling apart.... I don't feel safe anymore.... Someone plz pp me...... 😭😭

hey guys! sorry i havent been posting much but im hoping to change that. can you guys help get this community up to 100 plz? im trying to ge thtis place up and running again.

#happybirthdayreyla can you guys help me wake this trend? the world needs to know that she saved a lot of people.

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Guys Reyla's birthday is coming up. Lets all wish the founder of this community a happy birthday. 
This isn't for attention, I just thought with her birthday coming up it would be best to remember her. She would of been 20 ♥

If you guys want me to keep it then I'm fine with that but i will be changing the rules around a little. not that I have a problem with the ones reyla set cuz I respected her I will be dedicating this community to her since she has helped you guys more then I did. We are family now and I love you all. I will be taking suggestions on how to get this community out of the graveyard. And remember to stay strong. 

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Well now this community is about to die so here
Just to make you feel better

Hello everyone, I'm really sorry to inform you about this but I'm going to be deleting this community soon. There isn't anyone posting anything so I guess the mods and I have done our job. I'm really sorry. If you guys need help in the future then you guys can still pp me anytime. 

;-; if you guys want me to keep this community open then i will. i have been put under a lot of pressure 

Aѕ ѕoмe oғ yoυ нeard Reyla ιѕ very ιll. So I gυeѕѕ I'м тнe new owner even тнoυgн ιт ѕayѕ I'м a мod. Tнe ѕaмe rυleѕ ѕтιll apply. I ĸnow ѕнe ѕaιd тнaт yoυ can pp нer вυт ѕιnce ѕнe ιѕn'т нere yoυ can pp мe. I wιll тry мy вeѕт тo do aѕ good oғ a joв Reyla dιd. #SтaySтrongForReyla💔 
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