Having trouble with error saying Sync already exists going from Sheets to Classroom, but there are no students in Classroom yet. Could this be because I am using subsequent sheets from an original?

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Has anyone encountered the message that a newly uploaded rosterSync already exists? Is this a bug, or did we do something incorrectly? Thanks for any words of wisdom for a rosterSync newbie.

Having trouble getting the sidebar to work in google sheets. Is this add-on available for those with a non G suite for education account? That is, I use google classroom and it is not connected to a k-12 institution or domain. Thanks.

I am having trouble with the guardian email import. Student emails import properly from google classroom, but guardian emails come in as "undefined". Guardian Status 1 says Active. The guardian emails have been approved in google classroom.

The problem I am currently having with rosterSync is that when I run the import from the spreadsheet to Google Classroom, there is always a list of students rosterSync wants to delete from the Google Classroom course. These are students who are enrolled and should stay enrolled in the Google Classroom course. At first I thought it was pulling students without parent e-mail addresses to import, but after a closer look, this isn't the problem. I'm stumped and have 70 teachers I need to help with this process. I have done test runs with multiple staff members, and this is what consistently happens so I do not run the actual sync.

I was working with rostersync - teacher edtition the other day and was so excited but now it will not pull the parent guardian email from a class down to my speadsheet. Is anyone else having this same issue. it appears to go from the sheet to the class.

If you are an admin, the Course in classroom list seems to pull from the entire classroom list for the district instead of just pulling the classes I am a teacher for. This is a change and there doesn't appear to be any way to search in the list for a specific course. this is a great tool and I would love to be able to use it again. Thanks!

I am able to import a roster from sheets. However if I try to import more students through another sheet ( or the same sheet with added students) it wants to uninvite/delete the existing students in the classroom. Is there a setting to override that?

Looking forward to using the capabilities of this add-on. Right now, however, the sidebar won't get past the 'Rostersync now allows you to manage guardians: Click here to authorize' step. Clicking the authorize button nets no result. Running Explorer 11, Windows 10 Education, version 1511, 64-bit.
Any ideas on how to proceed?

Just today, May 2, 2017, I was able to successfully use rosterSync - Teacher Edition. As recently as last week it was not working. Hopefully others will also have success now.
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