Looking forward to using the capabilities of this add-on. Right now, however, the sidebar won't get past the 'Rostersync now allows you to manage guardians: Click here to authorize' step. Clicking the authorize button nets no result. Running Explorer 11, Windows 10 Education, version 1511, 64-bit.
Any ideas on how to proceed?

Just today, May 2, 2017, I was able to successfully use rosterSync - Teacher Edition. As recently as last week it was not working. Hopefully others will also have success now.

Currently, Google Classroom contains a bug on the back end causing issues with it's ability to sync with add-ons. Once this is resolved, everything should be up and running. We will notify you as soon as this takes place.

Any updates on when Roster Sync will be up and running again?

Rostersync has suddenly stopped working .
I tried different computers , browsers , accounts - including administrator's - to no avail . Tried reinstalling - no result . Also , cleaned browser cache.
When I launch the application , the sidebar comes up but is totally non-responsive (just a red circle whem you try to click on Select..)
It was working fine yesterday , so what could have happend?

Any word about rosterSync working again? When I attempt to use it, I just get the "no sign" when hovering over the options in the sidebar. (circle with a line through it) 

I am having same issue as Ron Morlan. Just installed add-on. I can't select a sheet, course or direction. Just get the "no sign."

I am having issues with syncing with my google classroom. It just spins instead of synching rosters. I tried putting different rosters on the same spread sheet (different tabs) used to work great now it just says fetching roster and nothing more. I have tried using it on different sheets and same result. Started out with only one class and now have a few with the same issue. Any ideas?

I'm using rosterSync for the first time and it hangs on "Fetching roster from Classroom." Is it something I'm doing wrong or is this a common bug? I've tried new Sheets, I've uninstalled and reinstalled rosterSync, and I've yelled a bit at my computer. Can anyone help?

Hi there ,
How can I synch a teacher to a classroom ? (I want the teacher to be the owner of the classroom)
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