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Guys I uploaded an April fools daY special video check it out

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Guys I am doing a giveaway
The will be able to choose from 5 cubes
1-ivy cube
2-yj fisher cube
3-yj windmill cube
4-qiyi 4*4
5-qiyi 5*5
The giveaway is international
It will start as soon as I reach 200 subscribers
So do subscribe my channel
Link to my channel

Guys I uploaded an April fools day video check it it out

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subscribe to my channel

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My international Giveaway just opened !

Giveaway Update

Sorry about this being a little crazy but got everything figured out I think lol so the plan is that I'm starting the giveaway on the 10th and ending in April 1st lol I'm joking but am I ???? No I am I'm ending it April 5th so I hope that clears things up oh and I'm planning on giving away a Concave 3x3 ! If you want something else go to my latest video and comment/vote

If you don't know what I'm talking about I am doing a 100 subscriber Giveaway my channel is Lauren Rubik so go to it and subscribe and wait for the official Giveaway Video!

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Doing an international Giveaway!

The official Giveaway video will be out soon I'm planning on starting it in the next few days !

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Wanna win a free valk 3 we'll enter here And remember you have to be subbed and I'll sub back:) stay crafty:)

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Please Subscribe, It Would Mean The World. Also, Please Consider Helping Me Out In Designing New Cubes For The Community

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With the trend of magnetic cubes lately, I just wanted to ask everyone about what is the best strength of magnet to put in a Valk 3? If the number after N is bigger, It means that the magnet has more strength.
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Non-Magnetic Cubes Are Better
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