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Look forward to working with all of you!
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Chromebook Pilot Teachers,

I wanted to let you know we are having issues with our Lightspeed Filter. As a result, all students are getting the middle school filtering policy. Which means, elementary students are currently able to access Youtube. Just so you know, even though they can get to Youtube, it is in "restricted mode" which means they should not be able to get to questionable content. I know that Tech Services is working on this issue, I will keep you posted as I receive more information.


There have been a few questions about typing programs. The district will not be purchasing a typing program at this time. However, there is a typing App through the Chrome Web Store called "TypingClub". We have pushed this App out to all of the elementary Chromebooks. It is a very good program and will keep individual student progress if students create accounts. This App DOES REQUIRE PARENT PERMISSION before students create accounts with TypingClub. If you are looking for a typing solution, this is our recommendation.

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Easy storage option for your Chromebooks if you are doing flexible seating or prefer for the students to not keep them in their desks. Dowel rods and plastic storage bins.

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We held our 3rd grade parent meeting on Tuesday, August 29. All but four families came. (The others came in the next morning for a short session with me.) They all signed the pilot agreement and also the opt-in email permission slip. The meeting took about 25 minutes. On Wednesday, students came for a lab session and we went over the presentation in pictures provided by Al Davenport and then students signed the agreement form their parents signed. They were so excited to get their Chromebooks!
I encourage students to memorize their passwords and login ids with a little challenge. They have to create a mnemonic device for their password and then recite the sentence and the password and login id to me. The reward is a cute bookmark. I've already had eight students come to me this morning ready to recite their credentials.
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Introduction to Chromebooks - 10 Steps to Chromebooks - presentation you can adjust and use to get students started with a few basics.

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This is a great article to consider when using technology in the classroom.

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One great tech tool that works perfectly in a 1:1 classroom is Smartamp. It's sort of like Smart Notebook on steroids! Here's a quick video that explains it. It's a resource that is provide by the District for us and is easy to access and use. It is also linked to Google Drive so it's really quick to "ingest" your students from Google Classroom.

Later I'll share more ways to use Smartamp in different teaching settings.

Check it out for yourself by going to Click on the three blue lines in the upper right-hand corner and use Sign in with Google. Answer the questions and prepare to be amazed! Best place to start is Go to Workspaces.

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Here's an hour-long webinar that does an excellent job covering Smart Amp. You just might learn more about the powerful tools you already use: SMART Notebook, SMART Response, and SMART Lab!

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Check Out Google Drawing for Awesome Graphic Organizers!
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