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Terese Williams

Discussion  - 
Ruth I love your dress, I have a wedding in august, your dress would be ideal where did you buy it. 
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tracy slater

Discussion  - 
i would like to leave a comment on this morning about sexual harrassment. i think our justice system is really bad i was raped when i was 21 he got 8yrs prison sentence he was out in 4 now i have to put up with seeing him every day as he has moved in round the corner and i just think even if you do report it really speaking whats the point
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Melissa Lister

This Morning's 25th Birthday  - 
I would like to say hi to holly and we do not need anymore people from other countries over here
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Shiny Knight

Discussion  - 
Can't wait, 16 minutes until the next show, after this 2013 episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show. 
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