Rule 1: in this group there is no such thing as roleplaying as no one which means signing up is required before roleplaying
Rule 2:tell me things about your character which means all sign ups should include the following things:A picture of your character,what your character likes and dislikes,your character's first car or vehicle,your character's bio, your character's name, your character's age,what your character wears, and extra info about your character if you can think of any other info about your character
Rule 3:Be nice when you arent roleplaying
Rule 4:This is a roleplay group for anyone of any age which means keep every roleplay you do or everything you post rated T or below
Rule 5:Report rulebreakers
Rule 6:Be creative and have fun
Rule 7:This is an mlp roleplay group (street racing and police pursuits are the only main roleplays that are really what this roleplay group is about)
Rule 8:No one here is your employee even if they do work for you in real life still you may not force anyone to roleplay with you or post something that you want them to
Rule 9:Don't annoy others
Rule 10:You can have more than one car you know so why not go to the safe house and get another car but you dont have to go to the carlot and get a new car if you dont want to
Rule 11:Keep all violence mild like i said in rule 4 this roleplay group is for anyone of any age
Rule 12:If you are an admin then do not abuse your admin powers´╗┐
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