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we all gonna end tyranny in this world and give pokemon a new meaning so if u are one of the pepole who love fighting back,Come join us in this war and We will Bring peace to the pokemon world!

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Thank you Insurgent Leader Meaghan Dauntless for inviting me to this RP :D 

Nice. We really needed one of these. Why is Blaze a teacher though? He's improved since he began, a little, but he still needs some work....

Walks into class, with all my text books. Me: stands in front of my RP class. Eyes front and center, you inept mules!It`s time to learn! No cell phones or gum chewing allowed! 

Hey +Insurgent Leader Meaghan Dauntless thanks for the invite! I think I'm gonna retire from the 'protect the pokemon world' scheme to rest. 

This might help. 

why do i need to go here? i hate school!


Give me two hours to type the entire law of rping. Rather than teaching step by step, why not just get it over with with one post? 
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