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Kickstarter is a GO!

We're up everyone, please hop over to Kickstarter and check out our campaign. If nothing else watch our video and make fun of our terrible acting, poor camera work, and abysmal editing.

Thanks for looking!

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This week I’d like to get your thoughts on some additional RPGsmith Screens

Party Screen – The player view of the other members in the group. From here you can see high level stats (GM selected) and gain quick access to other player interactions such as Inspection, Trade, and Message.

Random Tables – This section while simplistic in appearance can be very powerful. GMs can create, sort, and group random table information in a friendly format for quick access. Like all tiles in the app these can be re-positioned, re-sized, & colored to suit your preferences.

Character (Mobile) – Many of you have asked what the mobile version looks like. Here is a shot of the Character screen re-sized to display on a mobile device.

Character Screen (D&D) – Another frequent request is to see ulterior versions of the Character sheet. Here is a possible configuration of a character sheet for 5e. Again, like all aspects of RPGsmith, this is customizable by the GM through a simple, intuitive interface.

Next Friday (December 18th 2015) we will be launching our Kickstarter to raise funding to get this made. Please help us out by spreading the word and of course pledging. Thank you!

More Images and Information Available at
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As always I’m looking for more feedback on some new RPGsmith screen designs.

Inspection – Used by Players to see visible characteristics and visible items on other PCs and NPCs
Trade – Interface for trading items and currency with other players.
Item Details – It’s aptly named, details of a given item.

Also, for those interested, we have a Kickstarter planned to launch on the 18th, if you'd like to help us make sure we get this made and get a big discount in the process this is your chance.

Thank you for looking ~David
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Website is Up. Check us out at . Ya know, if you want to. No pressure.

Feature Listing

In the core of the RPGsmith will be things like inventory management, note sharing, character administration, but the list below are additional features which really bring a lot of value to the app. We'd like to know what you think the order of priority should be for these other features.
Please list the below features in order from most important to least important. They are in no certain order (other than alphabetical);

A. Abilities- View and select character abilities/skills/feats to assign to your character.
B. Buffs/effects- See buffs and effects associated to characters and monsters. Tap to view details.
C. Chat- Send messages with individuals or the group. Create macros to store these rolls.
D. Combat/Party- Players keep tabs on the group and turn order. GMs manage combat, search & inserts monsters with ease.
E. Custom screen- Create a preferred layout of your stats & other tiles to suit your playing preference.
F. Dice Mechanics- Roll virtual dice, save common and/or complex dice configurations as buttons to use later.
G. Inspection- Players can inspect other characters and see visible characteristics and items.
H. Logs- See a historical record of what's happened to your inventory, character, or campaign.
I. Loot- Create treasure piles. These can be random, set, or a random subset of items/currency.
J. Monsters- Create/import a monster database complete with stats, characteristics, and pre-configured attacks.
K. Random Tables- Input your random table data and get results on the fly. Combine multiple random tables, give weight to specific entries.
L. Sets- Group together different items, monsters, spells, etc. let's you pre-plan a dungeon, or encounter, or city, etc.
M. Shops- Players can browse and purchase from / sell to shops. GMs control type, inventory, markup value.
N. Spells- View and select spells to assign to a character. Keep track of uses, & number memorized as well.
O. Trade- Players can trade currency and items with other players.

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New shots of the Inventory Screen. View in List form or a Tiled view if preferred.

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Here is yesterday's Newsletter

We are rapidly moving forward with the creation of RPGSmith. To keep you in the loop and informed check out the topics below.

The votes are in and the vast majority of you have decided, we will build RPGSmith with a flat responsive design. This design also has the added bonus to give you more control over colors and layout, which helps to ensure you can customize the interface they way you want.

A BIG Thank You for your input. Check out the images at the bottom of this email for more initial designs of the RPGSmith interface.

We’re going to launch a Kickstarter campaign before the end of the year. This will be your chance to help us get this created while receiving a huge discount in the process. Win/Win.

Keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending out future emails with more details regarding the launch date and other information for our Kickstarter.
Social Media Launched
Don't care for emailed newsletters? We've launched a couple of social media sites. Keep up with us via your preferred social app.
Facebook Twitter Google+

We will also soon be launching, look for further details regarding this in future correspondence or via the sites above.

To get this revolutionary software in your hands we're going to need your help. Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, join the Google + Community, forward our newsletter, simply let others know about us and help build the community.

Know someone that wants to get on this newsletter? Just drop us an email at Info@RPGSmith.Com with the email address you would like added? Or forward them this email and have them do it.

Stay Tuned, A Lot More to Come! ~David

What is RPG Smith?
Running a Table-Top RPG takes a lot of effort from players and the Game Master alike. What if there was a tool that could stream-line and automate much of the “non-game” aspects that come with gaming?

What if there was a tool that could;
• Keep track of all items given to player characters
• Help pass notes between players, the GM, and each other
• Record and display character information in a manner that I want to see it
• Allow players to inspect characters, both PCs and NPCs, to see visible characteristics and items
• Allow players to trade or give items to each other
• Provide a store interface PCs could use to purchase and sell items collected in their adventures
• Manage combat by tracking order and insert monsters or other combatants on the fly
• Automatically create unique and/or custom monsters complete with inventory, special attacks and other details
• Track spell usage and availability
• Record abilities or skills associated with a character
• See and associate Effects or Buffs with Characters and Monsters
• Create and execute custom dice configurations for common roll combinations
• Access random tables to quickly obtain and inject details into the campaign

That’s what we’re building, this and a ton of other features too numerous to mention. Customizable for virtually any game system, usable on any device (computer, tablet, mobile), and available to use anywhere (in-person or playing remotely). RPGSmith will reduce your prep time, maximize your play time, and revolutionize the way you game.

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Check out our design of the GM Campaign interface.

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Initial shot of a Character Screen.
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