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21 Amazing Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs!

Ever thought of getting paid to write? Imagine earning $100 or more JUST for writing a blog post! Check out this dream come true list of 21 AMAZING websites where you’ll find your next income stream from freelance writing jobs.

I am working on a graphic novel based off a short story. I am curious to know will a third party be involved for editing, publishing, etc? Anyone with experience and knowledge please lend your input. Thank you.

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Would appreciate 10-20 seconds of your time to participate in simple survey. Would appreciate 10-20 seconds of your time to participate in simple survey. Results will eventually be used to provide some hopefully up-to-date guidance.

I'm preparing a volume of authored folk tales for publication. The first edition should be something to treasure. In hardback with illustrations. I'm currently researching printing options (IngramSpark, Bookbaby, BookPrinting UK, etcetera). I'd appreciate recommendations and advice regarding these or others and about the process in general.

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Should you self-publish? The answer, according to Hugh Howey, is a resounding YES! In fact, he says you'd have to be crazy not to. In 2014, Howey published an author earnings report that was eye-popping. After crunching the data on 7,000 bestselling e-books on Amazon, he not only discovered that Amazon was doing better than the Big Five, the authors were earning more as well. But not everyone agrees with the conclusions Howey draws. Read more in this blog post.

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Whether you are blogging, writing articles, or designing a cover for your book, there is nothing that attracts readers more than a fetching image. Eye-catching images not only draw the reader’s attention, they establish a mood, set a tone, and express what you can’t say in words. A great image will also inspire a reader to linger, and to want to learn more about you and what you have written. Fortunately, finding beautiful images has never been easier – or cheaper. If you are on a limited budget, you can get great photos for free. These are some of my favorite sites for finding fantastic free images.

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Guy Kawasaki has some excellent advice for writers: “Write a book because you have something important to say. If you have a life story that inspires, or information that you believe everyone in a particular niche NEEDS to know, then do it.” But don’t just rush to get something out because you think it will enhance your career, profile, business, or bank account. You just won’t succeed with those inner motives."

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Thinking about hiring a cover designer? Indie author P.J. Friel talks about her experience.

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Many first-time authors focus on publishing the way a pregnant woman focuses on birth. The soon-to-be mother thinks, “I'm going to have a baby!” not “I'm going to have a sullen teenager who hates me and bashes up my car.” Your book won't hate you, but you will hate yourself if you don't prepare for its future. I made a number of critical mistakes in publishing both my print and eBooks. If you don't do what I did, your book won't have so many accidents later on.
Everything I did wrong: Self-Publishing
Everything I did wrong: Self-Publishing

How can I decide on CPC rates to set for "Product Display" ads on Amazon Market Services? I just realized mine must be too low. I tried 36 cents for my Korean Language book and 29 cents for my poker strategy book. The Korean language book is getting nearly no impressions at all (20 a day maybe), and the poker book only around 200 a day.

Both of these are targetting what I know from research and deep experience to be the top 25-30 books in their fields.

My "Sponsored Products" ads for both of these books are getting massively more impressions and the average CPC is typically around 10 cents.

Is there some way to calculate good "Product Display" CPC bids? What are y'all using and what kind of books are you promoting?

Thanks for any help here. :)
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