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The Secret Story of Baijnath Mahadev No One Knows

Baijnath Mahadev Temple

The British ruled India for hundreds of years, and built many churches and cathedrals. However, in 1879, a Shiva temple was made by an English couple in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh.

Known as Baijnath Mahadev, the temple today is a major pilgrimage site and has an interesting story behind.

Lt. Col. Martin, who was in the Afgan Wars, used to write letters to his wife, informing about his well-being. Once, his letters stopped, his wife was in grief and feared the worst. She was a horse rider and used to ride for hours to divert her mind and end her grief.

One day, when she was riding, she crossed an ancient temple of Lord Shiva called Baijnath Mahadev. It was in shambles, but she could hear the evening ‘arti’ going on inside. The sound of conches and the chanting of mantras compelled her to stop. When she went inside, the priests saw her grief and asked her the reason.

When Mrs. Martin narrated her sad story, the priests consoled her saying that Lord Shiva listens to sincere prayers and saves people from their problems. They advised her to start chanting Shiva mantra: ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for 11 days.

The Englishwoman prayed to Lord Shiva for her husband’s safe return. She used to chant the mantras and would promise everyday that she would rebuild the temple if her husband came home safe. Days passed and on the 10th day, a messenger arrived with a letter. It was from her husband.

In the letter, he had described of an unusual thing, which was seeing an Indian yogi with long hair, wearing a tiger skin carrying a trident. He had an awe-inspiring personality and he started wielding his weapon against the Afghans, who ran away from the field in fright. Thus, they were victorious. He also wrote that the yogi even walked up to him and told him that he saved them because of his wife’s prayers.

Mrs. Martin who could not believe in the miracle, fell on Shiva’s idol’s feet and cried aloud. The couple became devotees of Lord Shiva. In 1879, they donated Rs 15,000 to renovate the temple. This information is engraved on a slab kept in the Baijnath Mahadev Temple.

Source:- Daily Bhaskar
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The Painful and Deadly Journey of Humans after Death to Yamlok!

Death is a truth that awaits us all, the inevitable then that none of us can escape. But is that it? Is there anything more to it?

As per ‘Garuda Puran’, the person who is going to die can’t speak, even if he wants to. In his last moments of life, a ‘drivyadrishti’(enlightenment) generates within him and he is able to understand the entire world. All his senses are destroyed at this stage and his body goes stiff.

In the final moments, the saliva starts to drip from mouth and the dying human can see Yamduts (Yamraj’s messengers), who look terrifying. They are defined in ‘Garuda Puran’ as dark like crows, their faces are shapeless and their nails are their weapons. Terrified by their looks, the dying person starts to urinate or pass motion and finally succumbs to death.

Yamduts, in fact, scare the soul about the tough time it will face, if it gets hell as a judgment by Yamraj.

This is the time, when the soul starts remembering the sins it had committed when alive. According to ‘Garuda Puran’, even a lie is considered a sin as per Yamraj and if people have not prayed to god to forgive them for it, they don’t get moksha and therefore no heaven. Murder, theft etc. are crimes that can never be forgiven, come what may.

The soul is unable to walk on sand that is hot like fire and it remains hungry. This is the time when the Yamduts start beating the soul with a lash. The soul falls down several times, faints and then wake up to walk again during this process.

Yamraj after deciding the fate of the soul and showing it where it would finally stay, he sends the soul to its place of death. The soul is sent back to find out if its family members are offering last prayers for its peace or not. If they follow proper rituals for the soul’s departure, it comes back to Yamlok. However, if the family members do not offer last rites, the soul keeps wandering and resides in vacant silent places like forests.

As per ‘Garuda Puran’, after a person’s death, his family members must do ‘pind dan’ within 10 days.

Source- Daily Bhaskar
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Know your Money Mantra

According to our Shastras there are some remedies which can be of some help regarding money matters. Every Moon sign has a ruling planet and every planet has an Isht Dev. Pleasing our Isht Dev can help us get rid of our financial troubles.
Here we wiĺl discuss the 'Mantras' chanting which can please your Isht Dev.

Aries:- Chant "Om Hanumate Namah" daily and it will be very helpful in finance and business matters.

Tauras:- " Om Sri Durgaya Namah"

Gemini:- "Om Gan Ganpataya Namah"

Cancer:- "Om Namah Shivaya"

Leo:- " Om Suryaya Namah"

Virgo:- "Om Gan Ganpataya Namah"

Libra:- "Om Mahalakshmyai Namah"

Scorpio:- "Om Hanumate Namah"

Sagittarius:- "Om Vishnave Namah"

Capricorn:- "Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah"

Aquarius:- For Aquarius you should recite Mahamrityunjoy Mantra 108 times daily.

Pisces:- "Om Narayanaya Namah" and "Om Guruve Namah"

Chanting all these Mantras accordingly will help you in job, business, financial matters and chanting regularly will solve all your Money related problems.

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Things to do to attract Money and Wealth

There are few things you must do to avoid excessive expenses and few other things you need to do in order to attract money & wealth.
* Keep the North and North-East corners positive and energetic because it is the centre of God of Wealth and help in sustaining forces that bring wealth. Do not construct over head tank in north east direction. Ensure that your entrance or house front door is not blocked by any wire, pol, pit or other things.
* Do not make swimming pool, water body or anything lower than the normal ground level in the south west corner (applicable to home, office both). This corner should always be elevated than others.
* Place the money locker closer to the south-west or the south wall in the south-west or north-east room so that it opens onto the north direction.
Cash locker must not be placed under a beam as it brings financial and other stress to the family.
Place a mirror in front of the cash locker so that cash locker is reflected by the mirror. This is emblematic that your wealth is doubled.
* Never keep anything like machinery, ladders, heavy metal, storage etc in the north-east corner.
* Avoid any high rise building or temple in front of NE of your home or plot as this leads to loss of wealth. If unavoidable then make sure that the shadow of high rise building or temple doesn't fall on your home, plot.
* Place a fish aquarium and choose some active and healthy fish so that they are strong swimmers. The constant movement of fish will keep the energy of wealth on the move.
* Open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allow fresh energy to come in.
* Feed water and grains to birds in your plots yards as this brings positive energy and wealth.
* Leaking and running pipes with water indicate loss of wealth, so always fix them.

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Follow these Vastu Tips to attract more money

1. The North Zone governs Money & Opportunities. To attract Money keep Kuberji in this zone. Hang green scenery here, remove red colours from this zone.

2. North- East zone gives wisdom and clarity. Clarity to take right decision come from this Zone.

3. The East zone helps you connect with meaningful people. Hang a Brass Sun here to create Money and social connection. Remove red colors from this Zone.

4. Balance east-south-east zone for financial stability. Place a pair OF Brash Rabbit in this zone. Business meetings in this zone will not be fruitful.

5. South- east zone is responsible for liquid money. It's an ideal zone for keeping cash counter. Remove any Blue or black colour fr this zone. Remove water boring and water bodies from here.

6. South is zone of fame and social reputation. Keep this healthy to create reputation OF your company. You can place your company's nameplate here. Do not keep Dustbin here.

7. Keep your tools in the south west zone to increase your skills here. Place a Brass eagle here to sharpen your talent.

8. West- South - West is the zone of savings. Keep your locker here to preserve your savings. Avoid dustbin and toilets in this zone......

9. West is the zone of material gain and profits. Hang here the picture OF your village scene to buy/save your property. You can place locker in this zone too.

10. North-West zone generates the energy that attracts support. Banks facilitate you money due to the energy of this zone. Keep a pair of white horses here.

11. South- South-West is the zone of disposal. Don't keep your locker or cash here as the energy of this zone will drain out your money.

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What Ears say about you

1. A person having large ears is honourable.

2. Very Large Ears indicate Leadership Qualities.

3. Very Small Ears indicate Miserly habits.

4. Large Ears of a Women is considered Good.

5. One whose Ears are Small, is Intelligent.

6. If One's Eard are Long since birth, is Happy.

7. Dry Ears indicate Poverty.

8. Large and Spreaded Ears indicate Cruel Nature.

9. Woman having hair on Ears becomes a a Widow.

10. One whose Ears are thick, is tender by nature.
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