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Hello Welcome to my com this is an Dragonball Universe 1 rp com cuz it exist 12 you can only have oc's Because we don't know anything about Universe 1 But here what Need to be in the profile

Transformation: (at start none)
Powerlevel: (you start at 10.000 or below)
Aura Color:
Attacks: (Max 3 at start and no op attacks)

I read the Training (a Text) and decide your new powerlevel

Ssj: not at start and Need feelings(pl ×100)
Ssj2: Need to mastered ssj and Need to be angry(pl×200)
Ssj3: Need to have mastered ssj2 (pl×300)
Ssj4: Need to have mastered Great ape (pl×400)
Ssg: you Need 5 other Saiyan (pl ×1000)
Ssgss: Need to have Trained with an God or God Trainer (pl×1500)

Frieza Race:
2nd Form Need to have Trained for it (pl×120)
3rd Form Need to have Trained for (pl×250)
4 Form Need to have Trained for (pl×400)
100% Need to have Trained for (pl×600)
Golden Form Need to have very long Trained for (pl×1200)

Super Form: Need to be angry (pl×300)
Absorb: only in super form (pl+Person pl you absorbed)
Kid Form: Too long to explain (pl×400)

(For all you Need to have Trained with an Kai)
Trained with an old kai

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Name:Android 1800
Age: 5000+ years
Race:Super Android
Weapons: Lazer swords,Lazer guns
Powerlevel: on par with Whis
Aura Color: White
Attacks: Destructive energy ball,super destructive energy ball,energy wave,super energy wave,super electric wave,endless shot
Bio: Android 1800 was created by a brilliant scientist called Dr.Bob the builder couldn't find a better name
He also created Android 1700,1600,1900,2000
1000 years ago they were attacked and killed by the original ssg
They all gave 1800 their powers,that's why she is so strong...

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"The circumstances of one's birth are not what's important, it's what you do with the life given to you."

"This is the end of the line Frieza, and don't dream of resurrecting again."

"Leave my family out of this, your fight is with me!"


"Meaningless! What do you know of Meaningless!? Spend your life rules by another! Whatch your race dwindle to a handful! And then! Tell me what has more meaning then your own strength! I have in me the blood of saiyan royalty. You are nothing but a joke! Yet, I've had to bend to your every whim and order, my destiny, thrown to the wayside! You've even treated me as a helpless child! You've stolen my honor, and your debt must be paid!"
Her version of Majin Vegetas speech, which she spoke to Freiza

Name: Paeya Breigh

Age: 55

Race: Saiyan

Gender: Female

Home Universe: 12

Voice: myself IRL

if today was your last day-Nickelback

Face everything and rise-Papa Roach

I'm Alive-Nickelback

Somewhere I belong-Linkin Park(Remix by Ghost in the Machine)

Mentor: +Cynder Shadows​​​​, self taught

Family: +Christian Nesson Blackstorm​ +Pepta Briefs​​ Vegeta Jr.​(brothers) +Cheyenne Culie​(sister in law) +Delyla Kai​​​ +The Kai Twins​ +Connor Kai​ +Damon 'Kai'​ +Samantha Kai​ Nion Shadows Ohtar Shadows Val'istar Shadows(Nieces and Nefiews) +Toma Briefs​ +Cynder Shadows​(Sister) +Vegeta Breigh​​​(Husband) +Yacon Briefs​ +Trunks Briefs​ +Prince Trunks​​/Black Goku Ita'istar Briefs (Sons) +Bulla Briefs​(Daughter) Kayden Breigh (daughter)

Appereance: pictures

Personality: Stubborn, headstrong, and prideful with a quick temper. But when in a good mood she jokes around.

Flaws: overconfident at times. Overly protective of her family and friends. She often lets her pride get in the way.

Transformations: SSJ1-2 SSGSSJ, SSJDG, Gekido Nashi Genkai (rage without limits) Oozaru

Extra: She can only reach Gekido Nashi Genkai form through blind rage, she can't transform into it at will like the rest of her forms.

Paeya was born on Planet Vegeta many years ago. For seven years she trained and lived life as normal for a saiyan princess. Not long after her seventh birthday she was send by Frieza to conquer a planet. Not long after doing so she received word that Planet Vegeta had been destroyed by a meteor. She was one of the last remaining saiyans. For years she believed the lie and worked for Frieza. Then she met +Gabbo Saiyan​​, who was working for Cooler, Frieza's brother. The two saiyans had been sent on a mission together, and Paeya was only ten at the time. While on the mission the two overheard a conversation and learned that it was in fact Frieza who destroyed their planet. Over the next six years the two would train and plan their attack. Then they were sent to earth, where they met +Son Colick​​. After a quick battle Paeya easily defeated him and they left. They then went to Namek. Colick and some of his friends had gone as well, as their earth guardian had died of old age. There Paeya finally confronted Frieza and beat him, achieving SSJ. They were offered to go to earth with the others and agreed. During a short time of peace Trunks was born. Soon after a new threat appeared, the androids. After weeks of fighting their initial threat was cut off by a new being, Cell. Given ten days to train for ' the cell games,' the androids decided it would be better to fight with the heros then to be against them. Paeya was the firdt to challenge cell during the cell games, and failed. Then Gabbo took the stage. He managed to gain ssj2 during the fight and cell knew he was done for. In a last effort cell turned himself into a bomb, and the power would destroy earth. Paeya saw the threat and instant transmissioned him to king kai's planet, sacrificing her life. Over the next seven years the princess trained in the Underworld, she herself achieving ssj 2. She was wished back to life after the possibility of a new threat that came out to be true. Babity had arrived on the planet. Not long after he had convinced her to give in to her dark ways, takeing control of her. Majin Paeya had appeared. She challenged Gabbo who had been the strongest at the time, and during their battle Majin Buu was born from their energy, stronger then both. After feeling the level of threat that buu had over her son Paeya broke free from babity's control. Once again she was the first to challenge. After a grueling battle where Paeya was slowly loseing she once again resolved to giving her life. She converted her energy and made herself a bomb, and in her last moments she finally attoned for her last ways, and released her energy, hopeing it would work. Once again in the afterlife she finally met Cynder, and trained with her. In her short time of training the goddess had unlocked something in the saiyan, a higher power. Within a few months she learned her sacrifice was for nothing and Cynder sent her back to the living. Paeya had found buu had evolved and grew far more powerful then the limits of ssj2. She challenged him in a final battle far from earth, finally unlocking the power of ssjb and defeating him. Once again the world was at peace, and Bulla was born. But as before the peace was short lived. Someone made a wish on the dark-star dragon balls, and they were scattered accross the universe. Paeya and a rag-tag team searched for them, unknowingly setting off an enimy. On return to earth they learned of Baby, who had taken over everyone. As before Paeya challenged him, almost dying before breaking her limits and unlocking the power of SSJDG and defeated the tuffle. Then again there was a time of peace. Yacon and Seroi were born. Then as always, evil reered it's head again, in the form of an old enimy. Freiza had been resurrected, and more powerful then ever. He came to earth intent on revenge against the saiyan princess. During the battle he resorted to attacking her son Yacon, causing her rage to snap. She transformed into an uncontrollable form of pure rage, GNG. In desperation Frieza destroyed earth, killing everyone save for a small group Cynder had in A protective barrier. She then turned back time, telling everyone to throw their strongest attacks. With the combined effort Frieza was once again defeated and earth saved. Then once again, peace, longer lived then before. I'm this time the princess once again became pregnant, giving birth to Kayden.
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Beserker was trying to unlock ssj until...
(Closed RP with +Super Smasher Star ツ​ and +ONEPUNCHPIG GAMING [JJ]​)

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(Closed rp with +Android 18​)
Banan is on planet Banan and walks around he is bored and Trains a little for 5 hours its 5 pm and.......

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Beserker was with King Banan on earth until...
Open RP

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Thx for the invite but I'm going to sleep!
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Name: Beserker (universe 1)
Age: 20
Race: Saiyan
Transformation: To be announced
Weapons: sword
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
Powerlevel: 9,969
Aura Color: Red
Attacks: Kamehameha, one hand kamehameha,
Title: worker of King Banan
Bio: Beserker was born on planet banan. Growing up, he was working for king banan and then he was sent to earth to destroy it. And today he is fighting to destroy the earth


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Name: Banan.D.Trin
Age: 41
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Powerlevel: 10.200
Aura Color: Green
Attacks: Galick Gun,BigBangAttack,Orga Blaster
Titel: King Of planet Banan (Planet Vegeta from this universe)
Bio: Banan was the son of the King from planet Banan on the day were his father died he became the King. The saiyan are still a Warrior Race.
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