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Unboxing and hands on of the Brand New Beyerdynamic Custom Street Headphones, Audiophile grade headphones for the street.
CUSTOM Sound Slider - variable bass reflex system
CUSTOM Cable - detachable cable
CUSTOM Style - versatile changeable design
Soft ear- and headband pads ensure high comfort of wearing
Compact and foldable.
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CUSTOM STREET is the latest offspring of beyerdynamic’s acclaimed CUSTOM headphone series. Like no other headphones in the world, CUSTOM STREET combines portable size, outstanding sound and lots of customisable features. One unique feature of CUSTOM STREET is the CUSTOM Sound Slider, which allows you to select among different sound profiles, ranging from “Analytical” to “Heavy-Bass”. On top of that, you can customise the design of CUSTOM STREET within seconds. The cable of CUSTOM STREET can also be changed and turnes from an every-day companion into a powerful device for DJing, gaming and podcasting - to name just a few applications. CUSTOM STREET. Your sound. Your style. CUSTOM Sound Slider allows you to select from different audio profiles via adjustable bass reflex vents in the earcups. The more open the CUSTOM Sound Slider the stronger the bass. Choose between three different profiles ranging from “Analytical” to “Heavy-Bass”. CUSTOM Style allows you to change the look of your headphones at any time. 16 included design covers are only the beginning. Furthermore you can choose from different optional rings and additional design covers on this website. Most music devices today are cell phones or other mobile devices. That’s why CUSTOM STREET comes with a built-in microphone and remote to pick up calls and control media playback. Find more detachable cables and a HEADSET GEAR with gooseneck microphone on this website. CUSTOM STREET comes with sockets on both earcups. Use one to connect the headphones with your playback device. Use the other socket to share your music with friends. Due to its foldable design, you can safely put the CUSTOM STREET into the included carry case at any time.

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Click Here to View my Review:
Tech Zilla with my Review of the brand new 16 Ohm version of the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro LTD Edition. This a first review review on YouTube as no one else has reviewed the 16 Ohm versions of these Audiophile Grade Headphones used by Sound Engineers & in Recording Studios.
Professional 16 ohm transducer, also suitable for use with mobile devices
Robust and durable - Handmade in Germany
Soft, ear-enclosing and interchangeable velour ear cushions, soft head cushion; Gold-plated 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm stereo jack plug
One-sided cable guide, straight cable length 3.0 meter

Hi friends I am Ashit music fan & listing jazz vocals Ost symphony . many tracks in my smartphone & laptop which I play with fiio e12& e10k DAC supporting onkyo HD hfplayer have DSD+ pcm output .have akg& shennhiser iem .over head phone .I big fanof German engineering audio . just perches Beyer dt770 pro80 very first time listing musik on that .what say it best of best audiophile sound very happy Beyer quality .awesome. Next his Tesla driver phone buy. Thanks Beyer for great craftsmanship. 
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