Hey could you add the ability to create multiple pantry lists. For example, food pantry, fridge, freezer, garage, bathroom. And then tag categories/items to go there after they are bought.

Also how do I share lists with other app users?


Would be cool if for example my wife could log in to our account in the web and edit the list and have it sync to my phone while I'm out

Little bug here: shopping cart doesn't send items to pantry although it's enabled.
Xperia Z2 5.5.1.
Can you please take a look at that?


hey +Gary Wong​​ nice update! love that dark mode! it would be nice to also be applied in settings menu.
Also I have an idea, what about setting reminders option? is it possible? that would help me a lot so I don't forget to do groceries. Thanks.

Is there a way to make it so that you can categorize an item while adding it to the list?  It's somewhat of a pain to add it and then have to go back to the list, find the item and then categorize.  

For the account creation for syncing, why not use G+ oAuth?

Hi Gary! Any word on when web-integration might be coming? Would be really nice to be able to add items from my PC and have them there when I get to the store. That's the only thing that's making my wife not want to switch from the OurGroceries app. :(

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Wow do I like this! I just had a bad experience with the Steam app using a lot of data. It's so nice to see a developer keep an eye on this! Thank you!

Hi +Gary Wong​. How are the server side upgrades coming alon? My wife and I have always had major sync issues, requiring one or the other of us to completely clear app data about once a month or more. Today, we ended up with an item categorized on one phone and uncategorized on the other. If we gave it the category on one, it would kick it to uncategorized on the other back and forth. Category sorting is how I sold this app to her originally and its never synced correctly from the day you released it.

hey +Gary Wong​ I need to hard reset my phone and I was wondering if cinnamon will recover my custom products list.? Thanks!
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