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Good or evil:depends
Likes:roses,weapons mainly swords,and creatures
Dislikes: basically anything or anyone who trys to kill her
Job: bounty hunter
Personality:nice,strong,brave,but tick her off and you'll have a problem
Bio: aqua s parents died by a mechanical reaper named spirit she then wanted to find him and kill him so she trained with her grandfather who taught her how to fight then she became a bounty hunter and kept looking for spirit so she could avenge her parents,she may be young but she will fight anyone who stands in her way.


Jinx notices a naiad singing on a rock as she soared over her clear lake. Maybe, She thinks I should dirty it for fun.

((Open RP))

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Name: Nora
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Creature: Naiad
Likes: the water, reading, sitting on the rocks
Dislikes: dark magic
Personality: quiet, sneaky, cam be fierce.
Appearance: ((pic below))

((Open RP)) Nora sits on a rock singing softly when..?

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Name: Krymson
Age: 101
Gender: Female
Age: 101 
Species: Evil Phoenix(Even though I don't look like one)
Good or Evil: Evil
Job: Assassin
Likes: Colors, black, blue, and red. gold, fire, hexes, dark magic
Dislikes : the generally annoying, dimwits, bright lights
Personality/Bio: Was born as a good phoenix(but like all phoenixes can change when the reach 50), but choose the dark side. Sneaky, tricky, manipulative, prideful, nice to the evil

Is there a certain place for us to role play, or can we do it, like on any post?

What is creature school/human school for?

A few things, and please don't turn on CAPS or whatever, because I know a lot of people hate it when others ask my first question.
1) Can I be a mod? May sound like begging, may sound like I want the early opportunity, but truth is I just see a few things and would like to fix or modify them directly.
2) You need a "Discussion" section, or something similar, so I can ask somewhere other than in this section.
3) What exactly is the "war" section?

WARNING: There is not many people in this community! This can be a problem if nobody else joins...Please advertise this community to your friends or other communities that let you advertise. I'll eventually pick two or three people to be moderators or maybe even co-owners.

(Is this still open?(
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