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Good Evening!!!

I have exhibited my knowledge on below topics with Indian School of business since 3 months.

1. Organizational Development
2. Company’ Success 
3. Collective Wisdom 
4. Please don’t appreciate me 
5. Developing Talent leaders 
6. Forbes: Your Business model might be killing your business 
7. Business Establishment Secrecy 
8. Managing both the Boss and Co-Employees 
9. 50’ Points every manager follows 
10. Team Success 
11. Good Judgment Vs. Experience 
12. I show easy ways 
13. 10 expectations N 10 Questions 
14. Change Leadership 
15. Knowledge Management 
16. Productivity Analysis 
17. Leaders live by choice, not accident 
18. Project Work
19. Business Model
20. Employee fits into 3 buckets
21. How to get Promoted 
22. Career planning within the Organization 
23. How Powerful Presentation Happens 
24. Performance Appraisal
25. Change the Entire System 
26. Leadership..!!! 
27. Management by Objectives. 
26. Management Information System 
27. Customer Service 
28. Wining is the important Thing 
29. Entrepreneurship Vs. Entrepreneur 
30. Entrepreneur Provisions N Employee Expectations 
31. Delegation Vs. Decentralization 
32. What makes up a Successful Manager 
33. Quality over Quantity
34. My knowledge with just 20 points.
35. My Absence
36. This is how the culture going?
37. It takes talent to become Top Recruiter,
38. Family Management,
39. What is the difference between A, Strategy and A, Plan
40. Finally, I must address to these questions!!!

40 topics; But, still I personally think; I need more practical experience to write the topics on better way and the literature definitely comes thru the “Experience”.

Presently; I want to see myself in a position; where there is a lot of scope for becoming top level management persons, because it is my Career goal to become company’s top talent. 


I have started helping out the management students on educating; the fundamental management topic which was left controversial till date by the authors, I finally come to one understanding after thorough research on this controversial topic. 

On a course, I seek help of almost all Management Institutes of India, like Indian School of Business, Indian Institute of Management, Trinidad Guardian,, Talent and Management Institute of India, Forbes, Times of India-Media, American Management association and All India Management Association etc. to take up the responsibility on shoulders to help all the students of all corners of worlds that controversial topics has come to an end.

Thank you,
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