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An explosion rocked a nearby bank. Three robbers ran from the scene, all with moneybags. They got into a expensive looking mustang to get away. Tainī overlooked the area. As soon as the car erupted across the streets, he was completely off the building and firing a cord into the car's roof. He used his sword hilt to back in a window. One of the criminals hung out the window and aimed a pistol at him. He fired a cord into the man's hand and he dropped the gun to clutch his fist with his other hand. Kirā then slammed his foot into the guy. He fell out if the car and rolled into the street. Hen laid down in the roof and peered inside the car. As soon as his head was down, he stuck his sword in and threatened the driver.

"Stop the car now."

The driver complied, but it was almost immediately. Kirā slid off the roof of the var. He stuck landing, though. He immediately slashed the front tire closest to him. The criminals got out and made a mad dash for a alley. Tainī pursued. The men soon figured out that it was a dead end so he blocked the exit. The three men stared at each other, waiting for the other to move.

((Open RP))

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Real Name: Tainī Kirā
Hero or Villain name: Hasn't received one yet
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Complexion: Fair
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'9", prefers 1/8 of a inch in combat
Power or ability: While he can shrink to what ever size he wants, he cannot grow back, nor can he continue to shrink once at the selected size. He needs a reversal agent in the form of a pill to restore size, but cannot grow.

Immune to radiation.

His 3 Dimensional Movement Gear is a gas powered, cord using device meant to aid in movement. The goal was to make a cheaper mode of flight for the public possible, but the project fell as the designer only made one model that survived a explosion, see bio for details. The device has three pieces, the body harness, the chamber and cannons, and the gas and blade container. The body harness is nothing more than what it sounds like, a full body leather harness. The chamber and cannons sit at stomach height and are what the gear uses to move. The chamber is a small area with a spout that allows gas vapor to escape for a boost in speed. The cannons are two cord guns that shoot cord that can reattach and detach at the users will. The gas and blade containers run the tech. Gas tubes rest on box containers that have four sword blades in box. The gas is connected to the chamber and cannons.
Hero or Villain: Hero
Weapon or gadgets: Reversal agent.

Two sword handles with two triggers on each are connected to the 3DMGs. The first trigger ejects and connects sword blades, allowing for changing blades when the one in use is too dull. The second trigger shoots the cord out from the cannons on the 3DMG. They are as sharp as a surgeon'a scalpel and slice unprotected flesh, spandex, and leather at ease.
Bio: Tainī was born born in New York to a scientist mother and father. The father made his name Lactavian, as it was a little known language used for pronouncing English. In school, teachers stuck with Kirā as it was easier to read. His parents would split as his father wanted to make a device that can make soldiers adaptable for fighting crime lords who were starting to appear with supernatural powers (villains). The mother took her daughter and left, only to be killed by one of these crime lords a year later. His father would move to Alaska as a means of escaping the crime and getting a private area for research. Tainī would act as a tester of his expiriments. His first thing he tested was the prototype to the 3DMGs he currently wears. This happened at age 16. At age 17, his father working on controlling muscle mass, hoping to makeep a super soldier serum with it. The compound used was proven to be too harmful when consumed or inserted into bloodstreams, so it remained in a vial in his father's lab. The third test was a controlled nuclear fission bomb. The goal was to make a small blast radius so using it in cities would possible and only affect a room, not the city. This, of course, backfired and destroyed the lab. Upon the explosion, Tainī was in his current clothes and the 3DMGs. He was thrown back from the initial blast and into the vial containing muscle mass control. He woke up at a height of 1mm. It took a female scientist in a radiation suit to discover and reverse these side effects on Tainī. She makes his pills and mails it to his current home in San Diego, California. He decided to put his powers to use, acting as a vigilante and putting petty criminals in jail. Of course, he had to do it in his clothes he wore in the explosion, as they are the only things that can shrink with him.
Likes: Messing with people at a tiny size, helping out, fighting, parkour, acrobatics
Dislikes: Crime, tall people, attackers, negatives
Family Status:
Father - Dead
Mother - Dead
Sister - Unknown
Weakness: No compound has been discovered to weaken him, but when he shrinks, he is as weak as a normal human would be at that hieght of which he selected. Since he can't grow back naturally and has a gas powered device he uses to get around, waiting until the gas has run out and separating him from the agent with make him just a primitive ant.

So, I read the rules and have a question concerning my OC. He uses the Anime model of Eren Yeager from AoT, but I am only using the 3DMGs. The name I'll keep because I am too lazy to create another one and I am also not really keen on making my own person with 3DMGs. Is that allowed?


Not affected by radiation
Anything else that isn't on the keeps list

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Name: Tyler Brown

Age: 16

Title: youngest avenger

Power: super strength for now

Weapons: has belt that has smoke bombs, rope, healing candies and more

Bio: Tyler Brown always wanted to be a hero and fate would have it he did Tyler was the 7th tests subject for the new super solider project and lucky he made it out alive with a new power and it was super strength. With this new power Tyler can do a lot of this with hell he's so strong of he punches the air it will become green like engery and become a blast. But this do have there down sides Tyler's body is still human yeah you see if Tyler goes all out he could break something so he needs to be carefully.
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Work In Progress
Real Name: Benny Junipero
Hero or Villain name: Blaze
Age: 22
Gender: (was Male. Will explain in bio) Female
Eye Color: Green
Complexion: White
Hair Color: Gold(Red during transformation)
Height: 6' 0"
Power or ability: Pyrotechnics
Hero or Villain: Hero
Weapon or gadgets: Junkyard MK III
Family Status:
Weakness: Addicted to destruction, Water(Although, it not easy as it sound.)
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Name: ava

Hero or Villain name: she devil

Age: 16

Gender : female

Eye color : blue

Complexion : tan

Hair color : pink

Height : 5'6

Power: Can fire beams out of her hands. Their power can vary from being a tickle to melting steel. She also got shadow and water powers

Hero or Villain : hero

Weapons : guns and bow and arrow

Bio: ava was an kind kid who had aways love her big brother. She was a genius buy didn't use his brain for good. She once got into an advanced research facility and got exposed to something. She was given his powers and he escaped the facility. At the age of 15 she killed her parents and hunted down his big brother and shot him with her beam. It was non-lethal and gave her powers of her own.

Likes: Freedom, violence, flight, quiet places

Dislikes: loud Places,her brother

Family status: Parents dead, brother


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Name: Alexis

Hero or Villain name: Big Boomer

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond

Complexion: white

Height: 8'0 feet

Power: Size changer at will and alteration of body, super strength, and invulnerability

Her or villain: Villain

Weapons: Body (Hands, feet, etc.)

Likes: Rampage, cash, war, killing

Dislike: Kids, peace, heroes

Family: None

Weakness: Magic and psychic's

Bio: Born in San Diego, Ca. Alexis had everything she ever needed. Her father was a scientist and her mother was a cook. One day at her father's lab, she started to mix all the chemicals in the lab but accidentally split it on herself. Though she felt noting, she went along her way. A few days later she feels strange and started to getting taller and stronger. Through the years she learns more of her power and decided to become a villain.

How graphic can I get in a rp? I just wanna know.

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Name:Michael Jackson
Age: 16
Citizen status: hero

Alias: The Astonishing SpiderTeen

Weapons: .387 colt python. Form V Specialist lightsaber

Powers: Arachnid abilities. Wall crawling, natural webbing, super strength, agility, and a sixth sense that warns him of future to immediate danger

Backstory: he had trouble with hiding his gear, So he decided it was best to leave the family and reveal his identity so he can go all force against his foes. Then the demension-traveling started. He's met a lot of people from various worlds and now all of those demensions have collided. He goes on adventures with mainly his best friends Camille Wallaby and Mateo Hall. Camille lives with him. She originally had her own home but Michael accidently destroyed it during a fight with the Rhino. It was so damaged to the point it couldn't be rebuilt. So guilt drove him to the point that he let Camille stay with him temporarily but then it became a permanent situation. Hes an expert on his surroundings so yoi can come to him if your puzzled
Dimension origin: Real life

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