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im not gonna be on google forever i cant get attention :sorry everyone

Who wants to do a rp?

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(Undertale rp!! Rules at the bottom)


no one knew her real name... she went by the name of anny, she was quiet girl running and hiding


anny had fallen and made her way to Snowdin town and was walking around until she bumped into you.. you then..

1)you are the skeleton brothers
2)you are starting out as sans
3) have fun and let creativity be on your side

so today, i was bored right? then i thought oh! i wanna rp with people. so i went online and did a few things. until i thought.... i wanna rp blazblue! so here it is!

Im gonna be Rachel!

so heres the thing...

you have met me in a dark forest where i am beated up at.
i didnt tell you what happened or whom beat me up.
for days, i didnt talk but made gestures to tell you things i needed to do or go to.
you have been worried for 10 weeks after seeing me beat up.
but at night, you heard noises upstairs.


(i need someone to be Ragna, one to be Hazama, And one to be Tao. more people to be other characters are welcome rp along with this! :3 have fun!)

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screams in hastags

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I'm doing custom landscapes!!

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(rp? Btw she is Spanish and partly blind in her right eye she covered by hair )

Name Catherine (or catrina in Spanish)
Age 16
Likes drawing
Dislikes her dad , mostly communication with others that don't know her language
Appearance (picture below)

Rp time!

Catherine was a new student to your high school ,she was in all of your classes and you didn't know she spoke Spanish, you went to talk to her and then..

(I will put English language after Spanish language in my replies so you if you don't speak Spanish can understand what it says)
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