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As you see is the map incomplete, but it'll get completed.

((Somewhere, high in the sky, there's a plain heading over to the majestic land of Furlonia))

"This is your captain speaking... In about 15 minutes we will reach La'Feu International Airport. We thank you for travelling with Fur Air."

comes strolling in, looking around Huh....for a village of Dragons.....not many are around.....

Hey all! Admin Dean here.
The next Surf'n'Nude is this Saturday!

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Name's Dean L.R. Shaw.
I'm the writer of the book Wolf/Dragon.
This is my domain and you are invited to join the adventures.
Have a look at me.
Dean Shaw, the writer
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Hi Dean:

I'm here to serve you in anyeay possible. Invite all your frienfs!

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I'm getting new art done :D

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Hey guys.
I am Humphrey the Emryswolf and these here are some of my forms. :3
I hope to hangout with some of ya cool furries soon.
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Hey, all!

La'Feu City, capital of Furlonia
La'Feu is an buzzing and booming city with it's citizens. It's a coastal city with the luxury of modern technology. The people of La'Feu are nice, however the people who are driving the cabs in the busy City Centre are telling otherwise.

High tall buildings are aiming for the sky as everybody keeps on working for tomorrow. The city itself is so big that the map had to be divided into 6 parts - Centre, Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and Suburbs.

With enough connectivity to go to each part of the city over day, the night life is otherwise. Clubs in the Western and Eastern and the Suburbs are open till the very crack of dawn.

Dean (me) lives in the Eastern part of La'Feu and goes to D'Anglers High in Southern La'Feu.
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