I can't believe we actually got a couple new students! OAO We need to get this place working again!

Hi I am new here its nice to meet you all

Decides to skip class and play Kingdom Hearts: II

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(I was to lazy to draw a picture. XD)
Name: Mimi
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Likes: Food, Tables, Kingdom Hearts, everyone who isn't a troll, shadows, storms
Dislikes: Hunger, Termites, Trolls, CoD, Normal people, makeup, uniforms
Favorite Food: EGGS
Personality: Random, funny, sweet, caring, quiet, flexible
Nickname: N/A
Pokemon Partner: Giratina

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 Name: Nicholas Burkard
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Likes: Food, Kingdom Hearts
Dislikes: Math.
(everything else is now optional)
Favorite food: Cannot decide between bacon, pizza, and pocky and Mash Potatoes.
Personality: Serious and always calm. Always eating food.
Nickname: The Lau Incarnate, The L Incarnate.
Pokémon partner: Misdreavus
Since no student creation profile section is apparent hence the post in class talk

Well today we are going to learn how to breed without using a ditto!

The picture has me in it sooooooo IM IS THIS COMMUNITY :D

I can be speed or flying type teacher.
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