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Our new site for BC waterfront accommodations is live. We invite you to have a peek!
Yes, the new website Simply Beachfront is finally live! Simply Beachfront features waterfront accommodations only (ocean. lake & riverfront) and our first region is British Columbia, Canada. We hope to add many new regions & countries too.
Appreciate any likes of shares!

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Our thoughts about the actual land aspect of Waterfront Property are now collected in a new G+ Blog found here.  Stop by for a couple insights to help you buy/sell your real estate.   Cheers!

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Oceanfront Value on Vancouver Island

Looking for a Vancouver Island getaway or permanent home around $500, 000 or even less? Here is our latest HOA where +Chris Fenton and I discuss Alberni Valley and Bamfield waterfront real estate opportunities.

More to come later in blog format.
Vancouver Island oceanfront for less than $500, 000?

The Alberni Valley features a long narrow inlet which leads out to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There are some really great recreational oceanfront real estate opportunities in areas such as Haggard's Cove,  Kildonan, Headquarter's Bay and Bamfield (end of the famous West Coast trail).

For more info on these areas and other waterfront in the Alberni Valley, check out our latest HOA with +Chris Fenton  of +The Fenton Team - Coast Realty Group .

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Here are Some Great Tips for Staging Luxury Homes

Leave up the family photos? Yes, in some on for more from +Deanna Lawley 

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Vancouver Bungalow or Dream Spread Elsewhere in BC? See What Your Money Can Buy

Our latest blog post gives you an idea of what Vancouver real estate is worth in other parts of BC. Some pretty fab homes you can get!

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New Blog Post: Who Else Wants To Escape The Vancouver Grind? 3 Reasons We Left and How We Gained. 
3 Reasons we Left The Big City for a Small Town and How We Gained

For any city dwellers (particularly Vancouverites) who might be dreaming about how to escape the rat race and make a new life for yourself in a smaller town. Here is a story about why and how we did it and the benefits of small town living on Vancouver Island.

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Ok just had to share this exciting news...James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar, etc...) has invested some real estate in our little community of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island

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Cool IPhone App for 360 Degree Photos

Could be very useful for agents out there!
Agents: Found this Nifty App to take 360 Degree Panoramic Photos from Your IPhone: Handsfree!

I was watching +Shark Tank  on the weekend and one of the presenters was showing his app: a 360 degree panoramic photo/video creator for the IPhone. I downloaded it and have played with it a bit and it's pretty cool. I think a lot of agents out there could find this useful for home tours. 

It uses the vibrate mode on your phone to spin around on its own and take the photos and then patches them together. 

From just a few minutes testing, it seems like the photos take up quite a bit of space on the phone so it would be good to have something to transfer them to right away if you're going to photograph a whole house.
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