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Mystic sat sunning herself on the sand whn she heard a noise near her(open rp)

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Name Mystic
gender female
age (idk how to age dragons for this rp so i'm going to say 23)
species white sky dragon
rider: None yet
skils she makes storms clouds and wind and she flies extremely fast she can use a special organ to float without using her wings and pull them into her body for protection
her best attacks: she can use wind currents to throw other dragons off balance breathe a lighting blast which creates storm clouds and well more lightining its enough to force her enemies to landing and she can consitrict and squeeze if she's desperate sand put her own lighting down her coils for a few seconds like an electric eel
Personality: sweet and nice she's very placid usually.
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Name: Angela
species Human
dragon none
personality feisty but can be sweet (she's sort of like tinkerbell once she's mad she stays that way)
Likes dragons duels
Powers she can do a little magic enough to defend herself she prefers to use a mix of fire and ice. and one heal for others
Bio lives mostly away from berk to avoid scaring anyone because of the magic she can do she's not dangerous but a good fighter.

Well damn. Idk how I can rp if my OC is a night fury and my sisters OC

thank you and as soon as I come up with a good dragon profile i'll make one and sorry for placing it here there's no discussion section.
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