Name : James reaper
Age : 21
Birth : half-devil
Bio : unknown
Hobby : playing video games and drinking
Personally : nice try
Girlfriend : you would like to know
Elements : unknown
genders : male 
Job: bartender

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Name: flower
Age: 14
Genre: female
Race: neko
Skills: shapeshifting summoning
Weapons:anything i can summon
Personality: shy easily sceard
Likes: sweets
Dislikes: fire
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"Everything's a mess... i'm a mess
I don't know what to do...
Of all the people why me?? Do I really have to suffer like this?
It's so unfair! LIFE is so unfair no scratch that LIFE IS CRUEL...."

sera said while trying to stop her tears from falling because she's currently walking in the hallway as she remember something from her past.

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Name:  Shadow
Age:  Looks 17 but is 390
Gender:  Male
Personality: Silent,kind (if your not his target), playful, protective
Type: Dragon shifter/Death's pet
Weapon: Claws, and a scythe
 Likes: Killing, night,meat,his world, and his dragon form. 
Dislikes:  Being killed, loud people, death's grip.
Powers: Moveing from the human world to his world, shifting into a dragon, and healing.
Bio. One of death's favoret pet to send out. He has no remores and is told to kill for death.
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((Profile update))
name: HI kotori ((fire bird ))
race: Phoenix
Ability: transformation in a phoenix , healing tears ,fire control,fire aura and armor ,light control and can be born from her ash just in death case
personality: she acts according to her will she usually Acts as tough and brave and angry and have a huge ego but the truth is she is kind and sweet ,loyal
Likes:fire ,loyal people and kind one smart thighs and food,fight
Dislikes: being tricked and used by others ,water
skills: intelligence, great hunter, wised ,a great fire control strong in a body fight
weapons : sword
bio: she is a Phoenix was very looked all the times to heal people and hunted but she wasn't happy she was always trying to run and hide ad going away to don't stop in a cage So she really don't trust people and is sacred of them
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Name: Mella
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Neko
Abilities:  her abilites are very limited, but she is skilled in combat
Skill: she can turn into a shadow
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Name: shadow blade
Age: 18
Gender: male
Race:  dark angle
Abilities: demonic arts
Skills demonic seal, demon flame, demonic roar, touch of corruption, demonic barrage
Weapons gun blade
Bio n/a
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Name : Delsin Rowe
Age : 24
Gender :Male
Race : Conduit
Personality: Laid back. Serious when emotions are pushed to the limit (like in real life)
Weapons: Chain

Power Absorption: Delsin has the natural ability to absorb the abilities of other beings

Telepathic Perception: Delsin along with his ability to take the powers of others, also has the ability, through touch, to look at another person's past and the emotions they experienced to rapidly gain information of their lives.

Smoke Manipulation: Delsin's initial powers seem to be based on smoke and ember, having taken it from Hank, the Conduit he helped survive.

Neon Manipulation: Later on the game, Delsin absorbs fromAbigail Walker the ability to control neon.

Video Manipulation: Delsin then gains the ability of Video by absorbing a Conduit named Eugene Sims.

Concrete Manipulation: The last power Delsin gets, which is absorbed from Brooke Augustine, gaining her unique ability to manipulate Concrete. Delsin can drain this power from any down members of the D.U.P. he comes across.

Parkour Skills: In addition, Delsin is physically able to climb up any kind of buildings, having the same free running and parkour abilities as Cole.

Enhanced Strength: Like all Major Conduits, Delsin has enhanced strength. 
Durability: Delsin is able to fall from relatively high distances and land unharmed.

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I sit in the back of the library, looking up books about certain herbs ~Open RP~
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