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Hi...I'm new to this community and love Wattpad and it's community. Please give me a follow at my account that I'll give you in the link below. Feel free to read my story I've published.

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Read please! Its book one of a series I'm working on!

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Please read
My account is @ Marsh_melly

Hey, could you guys give Words to Remember a look? Also I follow everyone back, unless they unfollow me. My username is @SwiftDreamers!

So I recently posted a story, you can find it, it's called Treble Heart by MGAnonymous

I finished my story Valentine Love. So please go check it out. Let it get to, 1 thousand views at least. Share it with your friends and other random people. The I you all for the support.

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What's a good Collage maker? I need one so I could move the text around and turn it. Ice downloaded 10 and they can't rotate the text. I need it for a book cover.

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Plz no other options..
What's your favorite dessert? Need 100 ppl to answer for a stupid project...
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🍨 Icecream

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I think you'd like this story. Plz o read it because i have put so much work into this story,so far. i have many other stories so plz go check them out.
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