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Name: Ryko Nasakimi
Age: 14
Birthday: 07/10
Height: 5'1
hair color: Blonde
Eye color Blue
Weapon: Spear
Magiks/Witchery: Dark magic but it's very rare
Bio: He was abandoned when a newborn. No one really cared either until a young maiden with kind heart took him in. He lived in paradise ever since, but he tries to find hi parents
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hello anyone there were r u at

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Name: Aphmau
Hair black
Eyes green
Powers is Shadow Knight Angle
Is nice, loves everyone, is mean sometimes ,keeps promises ,
Dislikes rude people, bully's , her father the shadow lord,

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Birthday:August 15


Hair Color:black

Eye Color:gold

Weapon:her magic

Magicks/Witchery (If Any):dark magic

Job:none yet

Bio:she's a fallen angel and she can't remember most of her past. Every now and then she'll get small memories back but nothing very big.

Please Include A Picture Of Your Character

walks through town

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Name: Nikè Rue.

Age: 19

Birthday: 07/05

Height: 5'5

Hair Color: White as Snow.

Eye Color: Blueish-grey

Weapon: aHEM- I mount a bow on my back and arrows in my boot, a short dagger in my pants.

Magicks/Witchery (If Any): I sometimes hold potions, but rarely use them.

Job: I'm a merchant, I sometimes travel to sell my goods.

Bio: There is nothing to my life, my parents abandoned me at four and I've been selling whatever I could gather until now.

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Changing Eli's god form along with adding powers to it

When in god form he gains enhanced physical abilities, the ability to transform his body slightly { Like making himself appear female, or as a small child, but he keeps the same eyes and generally the ears too }, along with enhanced persuasion, like simple tricks that normally wouldn't work would actually work

Also backstory time

He was born 850 long years ago, raised in a shrine due to his current human form actually hiding his nine tails, you see hardly any people are born with these nine tails because they represent power, specifically destructive power

He spent 50 years in that shrine, practically age-wise immortal, until it was raided and burnt by a fellow nine tailed human, whereas the human went insane, he didn't raid the shrine to save Eli, he raided it to kill him, for Nine tailed foxes are essentially in a form of possessed where they are constantly deceived by their own conscious, as such they constantly crave destruction, it's really a shitty mental disorder

They spent 50 whole years fighting, the human aging while he wouldn't, eventually he struck the human down and was left in nature, no family, no protection, no food, nothing but nature

He lived in nature for 50 years, learning that it is good, loving, and protecting, and as such he developed his beast-making magicks to make stronger beasts to protect it

By then he was already 150 years old, and as such he knew sometime he was bound to experience suffering, which was right on point because that same year hundreds of people poured into the forest claiming they were on a " fox hunt " and burnt down most of the forest searching for a single " fox ", which turned out to be him, they were hunting him, and that is why an entire village disappeared over night xD { He brutally slaughtered them all

He spent 50 years keeping humans at bay, and was starting to earn a small name, a myth of a destructive nine tailed " demon "

At around 500 years ago he earned his name, causing famine across any village that had the practice of killing people who were " bad luck ", literally turning all their crops into birds and having them fly away, and keeping all the animals away, he even caused a major famine across a village that used to worship a luck goddess in the form of a small girl, then suddenly was planning on a lynching, they had terrible bad luck with food after that, their crops disappearing over night and their animals fleeing, sadly they burned down before learning the terror of the Nine tailed " demon " fox

That's pretty much all for now

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~*Before le Goddess were said to be dead*~

Kate was in her normal Appearance, her demon like horns having a small flower that she picked out on them as she had a flame she created in her hands playing around with it.

~Kate had many powers before they were said to be dead, she lost a lot of them after and only has her main and her secondary. Right now she has like 5~

Here's a little mini event

A group of worshippers of an " almighty god ", A.K.A. Super religious idiots who wanna force their religion on everyone, raid the towns, Lancemurk hills, and even the runes, they all have random magicks because they have a belief that only powerful can survive, as such at birth they test if you have magicks and kill you if you don't, as such the entire population has magicks, and they're out to kill everyone who doesn't have magicks and even the magicks users if they don't accept their crappy religion

Welp good thing Eli is an atheist
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