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Do you have any burning questions that you want to ask but are too scared to ask them? Well then ask them privately here!

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Hey, fellow Christian geeks! 

Check out this article that compares villains from pop culture with The Seven Deadly Sins! See how these villains sins create their downfall.

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Hello, fellow Christian geeks.

For all of the Super Smash Bros. fans, (or anyone who wants to read) in this article I attempt to draw similarities to the characters of the franchise and Christianity. I hope you enjoy it!

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The Christian Traits of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Geeks Under Grace / Going to watch the movie? See what traits the turtles have that Christians should strive for! Cowabunga!

One miraculous place:
Miraculous icons, which helped me and changed my life positively

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See how the story of Spider-Man and the symbiote suit stacks up with how Christians live our lives biblically.

Symbiote Spider-Man: A Metaphor for Christian Living and Sin

Many creative ventures in the entertainment world today do not reflect Christian values, in fact many do quite the opposite. Can Christians pull some spiritual truths from today’s secular stories though?

I think so.

Hey everyone. This community was started to give those of us who follow Christ and love technology a place to be ourselves. I am still in love with the idea of this group, but my life (dominated by my kids) is super crazy right now. So while I'd love to regale you all of stories about my different Linux distros or rehabbing our church website on just my Chromebook, I just don't have it in me to "run" the community. I have promoted one of our members, Lydia, to moderator. If you would like to take a more active role in the community, you don't have to ask permission, just start a thread or post a story. I will be lurking around, so you may see me from time to time.

Grace and Peace,
+Matt McGraw
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