I am looking to play RUST but finding it hard to find anyone that wants to play or current players to join (they just shoot on sight). I was trying to play on the US West servers. If anyone would like to play, let me know.

I'll be playing some gta v online tonight, work on the bike club/etc. send me a message for my steam tag or gta v name to add me if you want to join in.

Add me on steam: o2_sparx69

Anyone want to play some gtaV saturday afternoon? i could use some help leveling and get some experience in heist missions

anyone wanna play gmod???

Anyone have any low level characters that would like to level up on GTA V Online?

Cs go lobby Id blarson25

Anyone wanna play left 4 dead 2 with me?

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Realized today if telling a friend that GTA V has not helped my driving ability is a bad idea when jumping on the interstate. R.I.P.
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