Hi, I’m new to the world of virtual assistance. I hope to launch my business soon.

I am Nicole Marcus and I am still in the planning stages of my VA business.
I am so happy and excited to be a memeber

Hello All! I am a new General VA. I have over 12 years of Administrative Support and Social Media Marketing. I am looking to learn Word Press to add to my list of services.


I am a professional virtual assistant glad to be here, please how can I get frequent job offers

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What businesses really need is to build connections that last, connections that transcend a single product or marketing campaign, connections that span an extended period." - Kim Garst
How are you building connections?

Hello I am a new VA and I'm glad to join this group.

Hi Everyone!
I am happy to have the opportunity to be a part of this group. Although I am new to the Virtual Assistant world, I have over 10 years of Administrative experience which I plan to utilize in servicing my clients to help them to destress and increase their productivity. Any tips on how to be successful in this industry would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing what I know as well to contribute to your success even if just in a small way. I wish everyone well, and look forward to chatting soon!

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Our next Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Seminars online conference, #VAVS starts on Monday.

5 days where 20 speakers share their knowledge with you.

Do you have your ticket yet?
Get it here: http://VAvirtuosos.com/

Day 1:

Tawnya Sutherland ~ Find Your Virtual Assistant Growth > MIB (Mindset, Income, Business)

Alicia Jay ~ How to Cut out the Noise, Find Your Marketing Sweet Spot, and Get Clients!

Rob W. Neilly ~ Client Communication: Reading (Listening) Between the Lines

Regina Lewis ~ Take the Hustle Out of Finding Clients: Learn the Simpler Way to Find the Right Clients


Day 2:

Kathy Colaiacovo ~Why Every VA Needs an Online Presence and How to Get One

Gina Decker ~ On-Boarding Secrets to Get More Ideal Clients as a Tech Guru

Michelle Mangen ~ Personal Finance for Virtual Assistants: How to Save Money

Melissa St. Clair ~ Topic: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Day 3:

Lisa Wells ~ Social Media Marketing 101

Kimberly Charron ~ Technology to Make You Sparkle: Setting Yourself Apart as a VA

Liz Woodiwiss ~ Learning to Speak Your Clients' Language - A Crash Course in Copywriting for VAs

Mark Hunter ~ WordPress Workflows: How to Quickly Set Up Your Website


Day 4:

Diana Ennen ~ All You Need to Know to Decide on the Right VA Niches & Market to Find Those Clients

Laura Pennington Briggs ~ From VA to Project Manager: Uplevel Your Skills and Income

Dvorah Lansky ~ Etsy for Virtual Assitants: Boost Your VA Business by Helping Your Clients Set Up and Maintain an Online Etsy Shop

Cindy Winslow ~ Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Highly Paid Real Estate Virtual Assistant?


Day 5:

Tamara Baranova ~ How to Create An Effective Funnel To Generate More Leads & Clients With Facebook

Angela Wills ~ How to add Passive & Recurring Income to Your VA Business!

Leslie Keffler ~ Behind the Scenes: How a Virtual Assistant Helped Her Clients Successfully Increase Their List, Traffic and Revenue

Stephanie Watson ~ Full Client Roster Funnels Strategies Every VA Should Learn

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Hey everyone Im Renardo Hyman, super excited to be apart of the group and start this new journey. I would love to learn how to get more clients to work with and how to better market my services. I look forward to continued growth and success.

If you need to shave a few hours off your work week and get more done or just have more time to enjoy other things, I would be more than happy to assist as your virtual assistant. Are you ready to get started? Contact me today.😊

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